Thin-Film Thickness Measurement Systems

Thin-Film Thickness Measurement Systems

The Filmetrics® range of affordable reflectometers deliver high-precision thin-film thickness measurements in seconds. These easy-to-use tools, combined with intelligent software and a broad range of accessories and configurations, provide maximum versatility in film thickness measurements ranging from 1nm to 3mm.

Filmetrics F10-AR

Designed for simple, affordable measurement of ophthalmic anti-reflection coatings and hardcoat thickness measurements.

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Filmetrics F10-ARc

Portable reflectometer with internal fiber optics to measure curved surfaces including anti-reflection coatings with a patented long-life, low-power light source. Get color, reflectance, and film thickness measurements in seconds at a fraction of the price.

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Filmetrics F10-HC

Relied on by automotive hardcoat companies around the world to measure hardcoat thickness on flat and curved surfaces.

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Filmetrics F10-RT

Performs simultaneous measurement of reflectance and transmittance; supports calculations of film thickness and refractive index.

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Filmetrics F20

Versatile, affordable general-purpose film thickness and refractive index measurement system.

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Filmetrics F3-sX

Utilizes near infra-red (NIR) light for the measurement of semiconducting and dielectric layers up to 3mm thick. The F3-sX uses near-infrared (NIR) light to measure layer thickness.

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Filmetrics F3-CS

Small, portable tool designed for the measurement of coating thickness on small witness samples, such as parylene-coated coupons.

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Filmetrics F30

Provides in situ, real-time measurement of deposition rate, film thickness, and optical constants (n and k) for the analysis of film uniformity and composition of semiconductor and dielectric layers.

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Filmetrics F32

Measures deposition rate, film thickness, optical constants and uniformity in real time, with the capability to measure up to 4 spots simultaneously.

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Filmetrics F40

Includes an integrated live video camera, coupled with microscope optics to produce a film thickness measurement spot size as small as 1µm, for the measurement of patterned, curved, and non-uniform samples.

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Filmetrics F50

Uses an automated R-Theta stage for rapid, automatic film thickness mapping of wafer sizes up to 300mm as quickly as 0.5 seconds per site.

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Filmetrics F54

Combines the small measurement spot size of the F40 with an integrated camera, plus automatic mapping of wafers up to 300mm in diameter, using an R-Theta stage. Thin-film thickness of samples up to 450mm in diameter are mapped quickly and easily with the F54 advanced spectral reflectance system.

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Filmetrics F54-XY-200

The F54-XY-200 is an automated benchtop mapping system for measuring film thickness, refractive index, reflectance, absorption, and surface roughness. Five configurations cover film thickness from 4nm up to 120µm, with spot size from 2µm to 100µm.

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Filmetrics F60-t

Brings film thickness and index measurement to a production environment with automatic notch finding, automatic on-board baselining, and SECS/GEM factory automation software.

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Looking for ellipsometer thin-film thickness tools for semiconductor chip manufacturing?

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Timeline of Innovation

Starting with the launch of the first thin-film measurement instrument in 1995, Filmetrics technical experts have continued to produce key innovations such as AutoBaseline, pattern recognition using the film thickness image, and built-in automatic wavelength calibration. For over two decades, the innovative technology and unparalleled application support offered by Filmetrics has provided customers with repeatable and trustworthy measurements for thin-film metrology. Learn more about the rich history of innovation and see why Filmetrics reflectometers are the standard in thin-film measurement.

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