Die Sorting and Inspection

KLA’s die sorting and inspection system provides inspection before die assembly to help engineers quickly identify any issues during the dicing process of wafer-level packages and bare dies. The evolution of wafer-level packaging technologies has introduced new materials into the process that can be susceptible to cracking during dicing such as low k materials in fan-in wafer-level packages. Our system assists chip manufacturers to decrease production risk by identifying defects quickly during die sorting to ensure higher outgoing quality to the next step in the assembly process for increasingly complex packages, widely adopted in markets such as communications, consumer, automotive and more.


Die Sorting and Inspection Systems

The ICOS F260 die sorting and inspection system provides high performance die sorting with integrated, fully automated inspection of diced wafer-level packages. The ICOS F260 system includes the new state-of-the-art short wave IR inspection module, which provides reliable detection of hairline and sidewall cracks with near zero overkill and underkill at high throughput. The system can also be equipped with a specialized laser groove inspection module with sensitivity to invisible laser groove cracks, which are killer defects for advanced fan-in wafer-level packages, memory and bare dies. The ICOS F260 system is highly flexible and supports many workflows, including wafer-to-tape and tape-to-tape, with a minimum changeover time for optimal tool utilization in high volume manufacturing environments.

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