Automated Optical Shaping

KLA's automated optical shaping (AOS) systems enable manufacturers to achieve high-speed, quality shaping of both opens and shorts that are identified along the PCB and IC substrate production line. As either an alternative to manual repair which often damages adjacent conductors and laminate, or for shaping fine lines on panels designated for scrap because they can’t be repaired manually, KLA's AOS solutions provide high-quality shaping, with minimum damage to the surrounding area for all main PCB applications including advanced high-density interconnects (HDI), IC substrates (ICS), multi-layer boards (MLB), flex PCBs and more. KLA's AOS solutions enable PCB and IC substrate manufacturers to increase yield and achieve significant cost savings by reducing their need to scrap panels of the most advanced, complex, fine-line PCBs, which in the past were beyond salvage.

Orbotech Precise™

Automated Optical Shaping (AOS)

The Orbotech Precise™ 800X automated optical shaping (AOS) system is the first one-stop solution that both removes excess copper (shorts) and precisely completes patterns where copper is missing (opens). Using 3D Shaping (3DS)™ and Closed Loop Shaping (CLS)™ technologies, the system enables high-quality 3D shaping of the most advanced PCB designs, including any-layer, HDI and complex multi-layer boards. With the Orbotech Precise 800X system, PCB manufacturers can virtually eliminate scrap and improve operational efficiencies.

Orbotech Ultra PerFix™

Automated Optical Shaping (AOS)

The Orbotech Ultra PerFix™ series of automated optical shaping (AOS) systems deliver the highest quality shaping of short defects in the most advanced IC substrate boards. The series uses Closed Loop Shaping (CLS)™ technology to accurately shape complex or fine defects on panels that might otherwise be scrapped. The Orbotech Ultra PerFix systems enable IC substrate manufacturers to dramatically increase their yield and reduce their scrap, ensuring high-quality boards at high volumes. They also offer an easy-to-operate, fully automated process with high throughput and a low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Orbotech PerFix™

Automated Optical Shaping (AOS)

The Orbotech PerFix™ 200S/200S XL automated optical shaping (AOS) system perfectly shapes shorts and any excess copper defects with high precision down to 30μm line and space. Using Closed Loop Shaping (CLS)™ technology, the system enables high-quality shaping of most advanced PCB designs, including any-layer, HDI and complex multi-layer boards. With robust performance and optimized accuracy and speed, the Orbotech PerFix 200S/200S XL system is moving the PCB industry closer to achieving zero-scrap production.

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