Direct Imaging for Patterning

KLA’s direct imaging (DI) for patterning systems enable manufacturers to produce advanced PCBs and IC substrates designed with exceedingly thin conductors and transmission lines. These copper traces must be formed with extreme precision as circuit density increases and the distance between lines becomes narrower. KLA’s DI systems establish the required highly accurate and efficient patterning processes by achieving the best imaging results with the highest yield and throughput to support continued innovation for PCBs and IC substrates.

Orbotech Corus™

Fully Automated, Double-Sided Direct Imaging for Advanced HDI and IC Substrates

The Orbotech Corus™ 8M double-sided direct imaging (DI) system is fully automated and capable of replacing a complete DI line. Designed for advanced high-density interconnect (HDI) including modified semi-additive processes (mSAP) and IC substrate mass production, this integrated system enables super-fine, highly uniform lines with outstanding accuracy, creating new opportunities for manufacturers and designers. The Orbotech Corus leverages new and field-proven technologies, including Double-Sided Imaging (DSI)™, Large Scan Optics (LSO)™ and MultiWave Laser™ technologies, for exceptionally high capacity and yield with reduced total cost of ownership. As a fully integrated solution, it is compact, closed and clean, guaranteeing cutting-edge performance and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Orbotech Infinitum™

Roll-to-Roll Direct Imaging for Flex PCBs

The Orbotech Infinitum™ 10/10XT roll-to-roll direct imaging system is designed for mass production of flex PCBs. Driven by KLA’s Drum Direct Imaging (DDI)™ technology, the Orbotech Infinitum 10/10XT system enables optimal material handling and high-speed imaging with extremely high yield and throughput. The system leverages KLA’s field-proven Large Scan Optics (LSO)™ and MultiWave Laser™ technologies to provide superior line quality with high accuracy and uniformity for even the most delicate flex materials. As an all-in-one, compact and closed solution, it ensures superior performance and optimal efficiency.

Orbotech Nuvogo™ Fine

Fine Line, Mass Production Direct Imaging

The Orbotech Nuvogo™ Fine 10 direct imaging (DI) system offers fine resolution patterning with high imaging quality and high throughput for the advanced high-density interconnect (HDI) and flex PCB market. The systems incorporate KLA’s field-proven Large Scan Optics (LSO)™ technology to deliver high depth-of-focus (DOF) and imaging quality, as well as MultiWave Laser™ technology for better uniformity and flexibility to work with a wider range of resists. The Orbotech Nuvogo Fine systems use advanced software infrastructure to enable a wide range of advanced registration targets support and superior scaling. In addition, with a dual table mechanism and outstanding target acquisition speed, these systems ensure high productivity and efficiency.

Orbotech Nuvogo™

Mass Production Direct Imaging

The Orbotech Nuvogo™ series of direct imaging (DI) systems is designed for mass production with the capability to image fine-line structures on nearly every resist type, delivering maximum flexibility to PCB makers. Using KLA’s field-proven Large Scan Optics (LSO)™ technology, these systems provide high imaging quality and high throughput for applications such as high-density interconnect (HDI), flex and advanced multi-layer boards (MLB).

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