Hard Disk Drive Manufacturing

Hard disk drives support a wide range of data storage applications – from personal computers and laptops to server systems that provide high-volume storage for remote computing and networking (cloud computing). Our inspection, metrology and chemistry process control solutions help manufacturers of read/write heads and data storage media (disks) rapidly understand and resolve manufacturing issues, driving improved quality, yields and time to market.

Product Category

8 Series

High Productivity Patterned Wafer Broad Range Inspection Systems

The 8 Series patterned wafer inspection systems detect a wide variety of defect types at very high throughput for fast identification and resolution of production process issues. The 8 Series provides cost-effective defect monitoring for chip manufacturing using 150mm, 200mm or 300mm silicon, SiC, GaN, glass and other substrates, from initial product development through volume production. The latest generation 8935 inspector employs new optical technologies and DesignWise® and FlexPoint™ precise area inspection techniques to capture critical defects that can cause chip failures. DefectWise® AI technology enables fast, inline separation of defect types for improved defect discovery and binning. With these innovations, the 8935 supports high productivity capture of yield and reliability-related defects at a low nuisance rate, helping chip manufacturers accelerate delivery of their products—reliably and at lower cost. The 8 Series inspectors support defect monitoring during fabrication of a broad range of leading-edge and legacy node device types, including logic, memory, power devices, LED, photonics, RF devices and MEMS. The 8 Series systems also support quality control during production of AR/VR lenses and hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturing.


Electrical / Magnetic Property Metrology

The CAPRES A301 CIPTech® and CAPRES M300 CIPTech® metrology systems measure the critically important magneto-resistance and tunneling resistance (MR and RA) directly on blanket Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ) stacks in regimes relevant for MRAM, STTRAM, magnetic recording head, and magnetic sensor applications. Current In-Plane Tunneling Technology (CIPTech®), licensed from IBM, offers unprecedented measurement speed and radical cost and time-savings over previous techniques. When combined with CAPRES proprietary nano-MEMS probing technology, the fully automated CAPRES A301 CIPTech system and semi-automated / manual CAPRES M300 CIPTech system enable non-destructive measurement of MTJ properties quickly and effectively on 300mm full wafers or sample coupons. The MTJ surface is probed by a novel multi-point contact probe with twelve microscopic cantilever electrodes and CIPT is used to automatically extract MR and RA directly from the CAPRES multi-point measurements.

MicroSense® KerrMapper

Longitudinal Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect System

The MicroSense® KerrMapper family of tools utilizes the longitudinal Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect (MOKE) to characterize the magnetic properties of magnetic multi-layer wafers for data storage, MRAM, and other magnetic sensors. Utilizing a non-contact full-wafer measurement technique, the MicroSense® KerrMapper S300 and V300 systems create a map of the magnetic properties of entire wafers. Both systems are available in a manual-loading or fully-automated configuration for use in R&D and/or production. Using the proprietary direct field control technique of MicroSense magnetic metrology tools, the MicroSense® KerrMapper systems offer high field capabilities and low field resolution to characterize free and pinned layer properties in a single system.

MicroSense® DiskMapper

Non-Destructive, Non-Contact, Double-Sided Mapping of HAMR/TAR Media

The MicroSense® DiskMapper H8 system quickly determines the uniformity of the perpendicular recording layer of Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR), also called Thermally Assisted Recording (TAR) disks, immediately after deposition, an important factor in the yield of disk drives. Utilizing a custom 8 Tesla bi-polar high-speed superconducting magnet, the hysteresis loop of any disk location can be measured in less than 3 minutes. By using full cassette automation and double-sided measurement capability, the MicroSense® DiskMapper H8 system is both an R&D and production tool.

MicroSense® Polar Kerr

Non-Contact Magnetic Property Metrology System for Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) Media

The MicroSense® Polar Kerr metrology system characterizes the magnetic properties of the perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) layer immediately after deposition for rapid process feedback in manufacturing disk drive media. The full disk, non-destructive, non-contact measurement technique, and automated handling make the system a powerful tool for both PMR development and production monitoring. By quickly and accurately measuring the magnetic parameters crucial to PMR media performance, the MicroSense Polar Kerr helps engineers control the complex film deposition process and drive product yield improvement.

Candela® 7100 Series

Hard Disk Drive Media and Substrates Defect Inspection and Classification Systems

The Candela® 7100 Series advanced media and substrate defect detection and classification system for hard disk drive manufacturing helps maximize yield and lower hard disk inspection cost. A dual optical path configuration enables classification of unique defect signatures for critical submicron defects, such as micro-pits, bumps, particles and buried defects. The Candela 7110 configuration supports manual loading of substrates for inspection, while the Candela 7140 provides fully automated cassette-to-cassette substrate loading.

A high sensitivity (HS) option provides enhanced sensitivity and capture rate for both bare glass and metal substrate inspection.

Candela® 6300 Series

Hard Disk Drive Media and Substrates Topography Measurement and Defect Inspection Systems

The Candela® 6300 dual laser-based inspection system provides surface inspection of hard disk drive substrates and finished media. Its unique multi-channel optical design enables roughness and waviness metrology measurements on both smooth metal and glass substrates. Defects, such as particles and scratches, can be automatically detected and classified using the same platform. The Candela 6310 is a manual system suited for both laboratory and low volume production, while the Candela 6340 is a fully automated cassette-to-cassette system for production environments.


Chemistry Process Monitoring

ECI Technology provides chemistry process monitoring products that support hard disk drive manufacturing. For more information, please visit https://www.ecitechnology.com/products/.

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