Why We Believe in a Brighter Future

It’s our belief at KLA that innovators are true optimists. We take on complex technical challenges that often take years to solve. We work on the edges of deep science, exploring electron and photon optics, sensors, machine learning and data analytics. We help create the ideas and devices that transform the future.

autonomous cars graphic

Autonomous cars

Next-gen driverless cars will master every traffic scenario and weather condition. The key is exceptional chip reliability. We’re mapping the road ahead.

two robotic assembly drones


Robotics are re-inventing the way factories work. We’re utilizing the latest developments in optics, sensor technology and AI to enable the next industrial revolution.

Picture of futuristic spaceship

Space Exploration

Think data transmission, compute performance and power management, millions of miles into space. Tomorrow’s chip technology will help unravel the secrets of Mars.

cloud computing computers


The streaming economy depends on rapid advances in chip technology. Cloud, network and server–we look for ways to ramp up the big ideas.

lady using vr glasses


An entire virtual universe powered by semiconductor chips with features just 3 nanometers in size. We help build the foundation for new immersive experiences and augmented realities.

fingerprint scanner


Say hello to thousands of smart, intuitive devices in the IoT universe. KLA helps bring voice-enabled technology to life.


Where would you like to take technology? How near to the leading edge would you like to be? What size impact would you like to have on the world? At KLA, you guide these innovations forward. So, what’s next for you?



Deep Science

At KLA, our scientists, physicists and engineers are exploring the outer edges of technology. The innovative ideas and devices that are transforming our world all begin with research, development and inspiration.

Icon graphic for small change: Satellite circling globe

Small Change

Our optical tools are so powerful and precise that if you sent one into Low Earth Orbit, it could read the date on a coin lying on a sidewalk.

Icon graphgic for Super Star: Shining star

Super Star

Our broadband plasma wafer inspector uses a light source that’s 100 times brighter than the surface of the sun. It can find defects as small as 6 nanometers—the diameter of a DNA strand.

Icon graphic for butterfly effect: Abstract butterfly sitting on ledge

Butterfly Effect

Our detectors can measure a one nanometer deviation. That’s the deflection caused by a butterfly landing on a fence.

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