Inkjet and Additive Printing

KLA’s portfolio of inkjet and additive printing systems are digital solutions designed to replace conventional and lengthy processes for printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuits, IC substrates and packaging applications. Our solutions provide manufacturers high throughput and productivity at low operational costs, with precise drop placement and optimized algorithms for fine features and 3D-like structures, such as dams. Our solutions contain multiple LED-based UV curing, specially optimized print heads and intelligent algorithms designed specifically to meet the challenges of the electronics industry processes and substrates. The unique mix of these technologies ensures consistently fast and precise printing on even the most challenging of topographies and substrates.

Orbotech Neos™ Series

Solder Mask Inkjet Printer

The Orbotech Neos™ additive printing series is an efficient, eco-friendly solution for solder mask (SM) layer printing. Powered by KLA’s innovative Structural Printing™ technology and field-proven DotStream Pro™ technology, the Orbotech Neos solution simplifies SM printing and significantly cuts time to market. Based on an intelligent self-maintenance platform, the Orbotech Neos inkjet solution ensures consistent quality and reliability of the SM layer, while enabling a decreased total cost of ownership (TCO).

Orbotech Sprint™

Inkjet Printing for PCB Legends

The Orbotech Sprint™ series of inkjet printing systems is powered by DotStream™ Pro technology to deliver cost-effective, high-quality industrial inkjet printing for consistently accurate production of even the most advanced legend designs at any manufacturing volume. These systems contain LED-based UV curing and specially optimized print heads that meet the challenges of the varying substrates and processes across the electronics industry. Patented technologies for self-maintenance and ink cycle control reduce costs by significantly extending print head life, while the built-in air scrubber ensures a consistently clean printing environment. The Orbotech Sprint series delivers high yield with low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Orbotech Magna™

Additive Printing for IC Packaging

The Orbotech Magna™ additive printing system delivers high-quality, high-accuracy and high-productivity printing at a low total cost of ownership (TCO). It is designed to print dams for flip-chip chip scale package (FCCSP), ball grid array (BGA) and advanced system in package (SiP) modules, enabling manufacturers to save space and costs when preventing underfill leakage by depositing a protective barrier to seal off the surrounding die area. The Orbotech Magna system also enables selective insulation layer printing such as routable quad flat no-lead package (QFN), IC substrates and more. This eliminates expensive lithography steps, simplifies the conventional process and reduces operational costs, enabling a faster ramp-up and time to market for new microelectronics.

Orbotech Jetext™

Inkjet Printing for Package Marking

The Orbotech Jetext™ inkjet printing system offers a safe and smart CAM-ready (computer-aided manufacturing) alternative for legend and 2D barcode package marking that eliminates the risk of damage from heat or contact. Powered by DotStream Pro™ technology, it delivers precise and uniform material deposition on the most challenging, uneven surfaces with accurate pattern alignment and high-speed, high-contrast, fine-feature printing. With the growing importance of package miniaturization, inkjet printing is a preferred process alternative to laser ablation for marking devices for traceability purposes.

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