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Enabling 5G Connectivity

5G generates greater demand for higher quality, reliable electronics

How KLA enables 5G

5G delivers much more than a faster browsing experience to your mobile device. 5G networking technology is critical to enabling how independent systems interact synergistically with each other. Coupled with innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), 5G is changing how our world works, how we communicate, and how information flows in business and our personal lives. For example, automobile vehicle to everything (V2X) communication technology utilizes 5G to improve safety and help with traffic management by constantly monitoring and communicating with the surroundings. In addition, KLA’s technologies enable the manufacture of thinner and lighter advanced displays that are an essential part of many 5G devices.

KLA’s products are used at every stage in the 5G component manufacturing process, from R&D through high-volume production of ICs, packages and PCBs, to ensure the highest quality and reliability standards are achieved.

KLA Products

Integrated Circuit Quality

Semiconductor IC quality is fundamental to the success of mission-critical, low‐latency 5G services such as autonomous driving and security monitoring. High chip reliability and performance are achieved through implementation of comprehensive process control strategies across the semiconductor ecosystem.

IC Process Control

Packaging Inspection

Semiconductor Manufacturing

5G applications are driving increased adoption of electronic devices that utilize RF power amplifiers and high-frequency filters, sensors and MEMS devices. Robust IC process technologies and process control strategies improve chip performance and reliability.

Specialty Semiconductor Etch Processes

Specialty Semiconductor Deposition Processes

Packaging Advances

New IC packaging architectures with complex levels of integration—system in package (SiP) and fan-out on both wafer and panel—enable the development of 5G devices. Process technologies, including etch, PVD, CVD, and UV laser drilling support the formation of these complex packaging schemes. During packaging processing and after component formation, tighter quality requirements drive the need for accurate inspections at the wafer, die and sub-package levels.

Component Inspection

Wafer-Level Packaging (WLP) Inspection

Packaging Processing

High Density Interconnect PCB

5G-enabled devices require advanced printed circuit boards with finer linewidths, straight sidewall geometry and multiple layers with more stringent quality and reliability requirements. PCB inspection, repair and imaging systems help manufacturers find and repair defective layers and trace the source of defects, increasing the yield and reliability of finished PCBs.

PCB Inspection and Metrology

PCB Repair

PCB Imaging

5G Highlights

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