Solar Manufacturing

Solar electricity generation is playing an increasingly important role in the global move toward more environmentally friendly energy sources. With photovoltaic (PV) devices being the fundamental building blocks in the solar revolution, achieving high-quality, high-volume PV manufacturing is a key element for success. Deploying process control systems and strategies throughout the solar fab line is essential for helping solar cell manufacturers improve efficiency, yield, and thus, overall profitability.

MicroSense® PV-6060

Non-Contact Photovoltaic Measurement Module

The MicroSense® PV-6060 photovoltaic metrology module offers high accuracy and unparalleled throughput for inline measurement of solar wafer thickness, wafer total thickness variation (TTV) and wafer resistivity. With high stability and low noise, the MicroSense PV-6060’s advanced, non-contact capacitive sensors provide sub-micron resolution and repeatable thickness measurements. The MicroSense PV-6060 system has a modular design for simple, flexible integration into automated wafer transports for use by OEMs manufacturing inline solar wafer inspection and sorting systems.


Chemistry Process Monitoring

ECI Technology provides chemistry process monitoring products that support solar cell manufacturing, including:

  • Products that provide real-time analysis of component concentrations and breakdown products in texturing processes used for solar cell surface preparation
  • Products that provide support inline control of plating processes used for forming solar cell contacts and grid lines

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