IC Component Inspection and Metrology

KLA’s packaged component inspection and metrology systems characterize key features of advanced and traditional package types with varying size and interconnect styles. Our systems provide sensitivity to a variety of defect types as well as accurate and repeatable 3D metrology measurements, which together provide packaging manufacturers the data required to improve their yield while effectively sorting components so that defective parts are quickly removed. By providing flexible systems capable of handling a large variety of package types, engineers can further increase overall operational effectiveness in a dynamic manufacturing environment.


Packaged IC Inspection and Metrology Systems

The ICOS T3/T7 Series delivers multiple options for fully automated optical inspection of packaged integrated circuit (IC) components with tray (T3) or tape (T7) output. The ICOS T3/T7 Series provides increased sensitivity to small defect types paired with accurate and repeatable 3D metrology measurements to provide enhanced detection of issues that affect final package quality. For the most accurate component sorting process, the ICOS T3/T7 Series utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems with deep learning algorithms to enable smart and agile binning of defect types. The ICOS T3 and T7 inspectors share a common platform, enabling reconfiguration from tray to tape output for optimal tool use in a changing environment.


Packaged IC Inspection and Metrology Systems

The ICOS T890 component inspector provides high-performance, fully automated optical inspection of packaged integrated circuit (IC) components. It leverages high sensitivity with 2D and 3D measurements to determine final package quality for a wide range of device types and sizes. The ICOS T890 offers parallel operation of four independent inspection stations and a component sorting station, achieving high throughput, cost-effective component inspection.

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