View of a city from high up, with lines showing the connections between internet-enabled devices

Bringing IoT Devices Online

The Internet of Things puts semiconductors in the spotlight across every industry

200mm & Large Design-Rule Nodes

Robust demand for more mobile, automotive and industrial IoT devices is driving a significant increase in production of chips on 200mm wafers utilizing large design-rule nodes. To satisfy this demand, many fabs are utilizing upgraded, recertified tools, originally introduced when these design nodes were cutting edge.

Certified & Remanufactured


300mm & Advanced Nodes

Today’s electronics require the most advanced logic microprocessors, high capacity memory chips and leading edge packaging integration. Advanced logic, DRAM, NAND flash and other leading edge semiconductor devices destined for the Internet of Things are fabricated at advanced design nodes in 300mm fabs around the world.

Chip Manufacturing

Reticle Manufacturing

Packaging Manufacturing

Specialty Semiconductors & PCB

IoT’s smart devices in mobile, home, automotive, industrial, AR/VR and wearable applications, depend on high performance computing and fast communication between a host of sensors and the cloud. These sensors (including MEMS, thermal, optical and chemical, for example) and their associated systems, drive the continued demand for innovative process and process control solutions.

Specialty Semiconductor Etch Processes

Specialty Semiconductor Deposition Processes

PCB and IC Substrate Manufacturing

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Artificial Intelligence

AI helps make sense of big data! Our solutions use AI to accelerate production of the very ICs that will power the next generation of AI innovation.

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Navigation, infotainment, driver assistance, autonomous driving, flying cars! Our solutions revolutionize quality control for the ICs that power the future of automotive.

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5G Technology

5G is bringing higher data speeds and lower latency to the next generation of devices! Our solutions help ensure the necessary yield and reliability.

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