Who We Are

We’re at the nexus of electron and photon optics, sensor technology and artificial intelligence. From raw wafer to next-gen chip to world-altering idea, we help enable what’s next.


Working at KLA

KLA is a place for curiosity, intellectual challenges and industry transformation. Job overview: think big, drive progress, enjoy the journey.

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What We Make

We develop and manufacture process-control and process-enabling solutions that accelerate tomorrow’s electronic devices.

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Our strong financial performance drives global innovation.



Where do great ideas come from? At KLA, our global team of innovators brings forth new ideas, solutions and insights every day—strategies for how to help bring tomorrow’s technologies to life, shape the future and advance humanity. Connect with us here to get the latest KLA information as well as inspiration that can help you make a meaningful impact on the future.

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Explore Our Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

AI helps make sense of big data! Our solutions use AI to accelerate production of the very ICs that will power the next generation of AI innovation.


Navigation, infotainment, driver assistance, autonomous driving! Our solutions revolutionize quality control for the ICs that power the future of automotive.


The Internet of Things is expanding quickly, and the demand for smart devices is growing with it! Our solutions drive increasing production to match it.

5G Technology

5G is bringing higher data speeds and lower latency to the next generation of devices! Our solutions help ensure the necessary yield and reliability.

Midwest Growth

Our new Ann Arbor campus, surrounded by natural beauty, is a growth center for the company’s next generation of products and talent.




We’re optimists. We create technology that energizes the world around us.

Rick Wallace


Rick Wallace

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