Advancing Humanity

The future is ours to create. Whether it’s a driverless car, VR experience, or factory robotics, we help turn theory into possibility. We help create technological devices and ideas that transform our future and shape our current life.

KLA is proud to be part of the most significant technological breakthroughs. Virtually no laptop, smartphone, wearable device, voice-controlled gadget, VR device or smart car would have made it into your hands without us.

Tech Timeline

We believe in the power of technology to make this world a brighter place. We are excited by all that humanity can achieve.

We Are

A global technology leader. We make an impact by creating solutions that drive progress and transform industries. Collaboration is the key to our success.

We Provide

Leading-edge technology and devices using advanced inspection tools, metrology systems, and computational analytics. Our solutions accelerate tomorrow’s electronic devices.

We Enable

The evolution and innovation in the data era across key industries including automotive, mobile and data center.

Business Snapshot

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Why Join Us

How We Do It

We inhabit two worlds: one that’s nanometers in scale and one that’s global. This micro and macro view gives us a unique perspective. We see electrons wave and industries transform. When you put deep science together with optimism, big things happen.


Last year we invested 11.8% of sales back into R&D. That’s a measure of our commitment to solving the most daunting technical challenges. From our ground-breaking mask inspection tool in 1975 that signaled the dawn of semiconductor process control, to today’s broadband plasma technology that discovers defects at the speed of light, we like to arrive first.


Active collaboration multiplies agile thinking. We put this approach into practice at strategic, technical and operational levels with our partners. Working side-by-side both geographically and intellectually, we maximize discovery and solutions.

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We have a proven ability to go from concept to global marketplace. We invent in-house, make strategic acquisitions and share technology across systems to diversify our perspectives and widen the range of our solutions. Comprehensive service programs keep it all optimized.

Company Highlights



We support a range of community and charitable initiatives with funding and volunteer opportunities: STEM education, health and wellness programs, local aid and international disaster relief. We sponsor the Second Harvest Food Bank in Santa Clara County and fight river blindness in Africa. Not for profit, just for humanity.

Make the World a Better Place

We believe that technology has a meaningful and positive impact on the world. How technology can change our societies for the better? What greater good can be achieved by harnessing exceptional thinking to promote exponential technological innovation? Those are the questions that inspire us to evolve. Discover How You Can Advance Humanity.

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Environmental, Social and Governance

Making an impact that contributes to advancing humanity has long been a part of the KLA DNA, and we remain committed to our purpose in everything we do – through leadership, opportunity, innovation and stewardship.


Anti-Bribery Policy

Compliance with all anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws is a mandate for all our business partners

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View Our Anti-Bribery Video

Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

KLA is dedicated to complying with the appropriate and relevant environmental, health & safety laws and standards such that its worldwide operations, including product development, sales, service and maintenance, are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.

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View Our ISO 14001 Certificate

View Our Take-Back and Recycling in the EU—WEEE Policy

Supply Chain Product Compliance

We actively seek to foster business relationships with suppliers who offer goods and services that meet KLA’s standards including product regulatory requirements and anti-virus requirements.

Download our Product Regulatory Compliance Guidelines

Download our Anti-virus Policy Information

Reporting Portal

We all have the responsibility to report any behavior that violates our Standards of Business Conduct (SoBC). You are encouraged to ask questions, seek guidance, report suspected violations and express any concerns about compliance with your KLA contact or via our EthicsPoint reporting portal.

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KLA works closely with its supply chain to drive innovation, partnership and continuous improvement.

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