Display Manufacturing

Advances in display technology continue to shape the world of electronics around us. From head-mounted and wearable devices, smartphones, computer devices, car displays and televisions, to large-scale interactive exhibits, modern displays are featuring increased performance in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. For liquid crystal display (LCD) and organic light emitting diode (OLED) display manufacturing, as well as for emerging technologies like microLED, innovation brings new challenges for managing yield and reliability from the research and development phase to high-volume manufacturing. Display manufacturers use KLA's comprehensive portfolio of process control, inspection, test, repair and chemistry process control solutions to increase yields, improve throughput and reduce total cost of ownership throughout the display fabrication process.

Product Category


High Productivity Patterned Wafer Inspection and Metrology System

The Castor™ patterned wafer inspection system is an all-in-one solution addressing yield-critical challenges for OLED on silicon (OLEDoS) manufacturing. The high productivity system offers defect inspection, review and 3D metrology in a single run. From anode layer deposition through thin-film encapsulation to cover glass, the high-sensitivity defect inspection with advanced classification supports quality control strategies throughout the manufacturing process. Process issues are quickly identified and resolved with fast, non-destructive height measurements of buried defects at the thin film encapsulation (TFE) process step. The Castor system provides inline monitoring for improved OLEDoS-based microdisplay yield, enabling ultra-high-resolution visuals for multiple near-eye display applications, including virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR).

Orbotech Sirius™

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems for Advanced Display Manufacturing

The Orbotech Sirius™ AOI systems for displays utilize Multi-Modality Imaging (MMI)™ to enable multiple inspections in a single scan for highly accurate defect detection and classification. Designed to resolve the most challenging display manufacturing challenges, the Orbotech Sirius system enhances the yield of advanced LCD, OLED and flexible display production for TVs, smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other electronic devices. The AOI solution delivers advanced imaging capabilities for detection of multiple defect types, exceptional classification performance, full coverage of the entire panel area, as well as a combined micro and macro inspection capability.

Orbotech Flare™

MicroLED Backplane and Mass Transfer Inspection and Metrology Systems

The Orbotech Flare™ process control solutions help accelerate the yield of microLED technology. The Orbotech Flare BP (backplane) inspection system provides sensitivity to yield-critical defects on display backplane components. By applying the sophisticated WireSense™ die-to-die inspection, the system analyzes patterned structures after film deposition, photolithography or etch processes to quickly identify process issues. The Orbotech Flare MT (mass transfer) inspection and metrology system measures the location and placement accuracy of each microLED device, providing quantified feedback to the mass transfer process. The system achieves 100% measurement coverage at manufacturing throughput levels, enabled by LEDSense™ technology and 360° darkfield capability to identify placement shifts and critical defects like missing, deformed and broken microLEDs.

Orbotech Array Checker™

Electrical Testing Systems for Advanced Display Manufacturing

The Orbotech Array Checker™ AC7000 testing systems are designed for fast, accurate detection and classification of electrical defects on flat panel displays for TVs, smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other electronic devices. With advanced detection capabilities and short total average cycle time (TACT) for large and small displays, the systems deliver high throughput, production flexibility and lower operational costs that ensure a low total cost of ownership (TCO). The display electrical testing solutions also use proprietary non-contact Voltage Imaging technology, advanced AI-enabled detection algorithms and easily adjustable probes for precise detection of all defect types, regardless of display size or shape.

Orbotech Prism™

Display Repair Systems

The Orbotech Prism™ system is a fast and accurate zap and deposition repair solution that increases yield, improves operational efficiency and lowers total cost of ownership (TCO). Designed for high-end TV, small flexible OLED and microLED backplanes, the solution delivers enhanced repair capabilities with selective layer high-resolution and high-precision cutting (<1μm). With its patented technologies, the Orbotech Prism can precisely reproduce any missing pattern for any display design and perform AI-based and rule-based auto-judgement and auto-repair.

Orbotech OASIS™

Automated Yield Enhancement Solution

Orbotech OASIS™ (Orbotech advanced software integrated solution) is an innovative artificial intelligence-driven (AI) software platform for yield enhancement in display manufacturing. Orbotech OASIS leverages advanced machine learning for the combined analysis of data from KLA’s full product line of display inspection and metrology, testing and repair systems. The synergy achieved through the joint analysis results in optimized defect detection, classification and repair for quicker identification of process issues and improved repair efficiency. This advanced solution enhances productivity through yield management automation and process control, as well as significantly improved ramp-up time to enable the smarter production of displays.

Process Probe™ 2070

In Situ Flat Panel Temperature Monitoring System

Part of the SensArray® family of products, the Process Probe™ 2070 instrumented glass tiles offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for reliable, in situ characterization of glass temperature profiles for many flat panel processing applications. Employing a number of small instrumented glass tiles rather than a single large panel of glass, the Process Probe 2070 allows the thermocouple sensors to be easily placed at desired locations on the susceptor within the process chamber. This flexible product design simplifies temperature measurements for LCD and other large-generation glass panel applications, enabling high accuracy process qualification and optimization.


Chemistry Process Monitoring

ECI Technology provides chemistry process monitoring products that support display manufacturing. For more information, please visit https://www.ecitechnology.com/products/.

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