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New Automotive Solutions Ensure High Quality, High Reliability, High Yield

Jun 22, 2021 2 min read

KLA is committed to helping the automotive industry achieve strict electronics quality standards. To this end, we’ve unveiled four new products to ensure high yield, reliability and performance of the chips that power automotive electronics.

Innovations in automotive electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity require the integration of more electronics, which are powered by semiconductor chips. Today’s vehicles include thousands of semiconductor chips that serve as the vehicle’s eyes, ears and brain – sensing surroundings, making decisions and controlling actions. With the reliability of these chips nothing short of critical, chip manufacturers must find ways to find and mitigate potential chip failures in the fab, well before chips are integrated in vehicles.  

KLA’s process control systems help chip manufacturers meet the automotive industry’s strict quality standards. Three new inspection systems provide defect discovery, monitoring and control at all stages of chip manufacturing for larger design node devices. Additionally, an innovative, automated inline screening solution helps fabs ensure automotive chips meet rigorous quality standards.

The Surfscan® SP A2 and SP A3 unpatterned wafer inspection systems support process and process tool qualification and monitoring by detecting critical defects and surface quality issues that affect chip yield and reliability.

With high sensitivity for R&D and production ramp, the C205 broadband plasma optical patterned wafer inspection system discovers and accurately bins critical defects, producing actionable data used to improve chip reliability and yield.

During high volume manufacturing, the 8935 high productivity patterned wafer inspection system supports identification of yield- or reliability-related excursions by capturing a wide variety of critical defects with high wafer sampling.

The I-PAT® (inline defect part average testing) solution runs on KLA inspection and data analytics systems, helping automotive chipmakers identify outlier defect populations so at-risk chips can be removed in the fab before they enter the supply chain.

Additional information can be found in our press release.

The new suite expands KLA’s comprehensive portfolio of inspection, metrology, data analytics and process systems that support multiple parts of the automotive electronics ecosystem. Check out how KLA systems support automotive initiatives like Continuous Improvement Programs, Zero Defect targets and more at our automotive solutions page.

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