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ASET-F5x Pro

Film Metrology System

The ASET-F5x Pro film metrology system provides reliable, affordable and high precision thin film measurements of film thickness, refractive index, and bow/stress capability across a broad range of film stacks and geometries. The system features capabilities that provide absolute accuracy, reproducibility and system-to-system matching required for fabs that manufacture devices for the IoT, automotive and mobile markets. The ASET-F5x Pro integrates precise optical spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectometry metrology technologies in a single system to manage the full range of thin film measurement challenges required by µLED, MEMs and IC manufactures.

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On-product film thickness and stoichiometry control, Inline tool and process monitoring for lithography, deposition, CMP and etch, Process tool matching.


Overlay Metrology Systems

The Archer imaging-based overlay metrology system provides robust, accurate, reliable, and reproducible overlay registration and CD measurements on various substrate types, sizes, materials and thicknesses. The industry proven Archer platform provides fast, repeatable and the system-to-system matched performance required by fabs producing products for the IoT, automotive, µLED and mobile segments.

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Feature Archer 200 Archer 300
300mm Wafer Yes Yes
200mm Wafer Yes Yes
150mm water No No
AIM® 24×24 Yes Yes
AIM® 15×15 Yes Yes
µAIM 10×10 Yes Yes
AIMid 5×5 No Yes
5D Analyzer® Yes Yes
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Certified & Remanufactured

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