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New Defect Inspection System for SiC, GaN Substrates

Aug 27, 2020 2 min read

Today KLA Instruments announced the Candela® 8520 defect inspection system for power device applications. It is the successor to the Candela® CS920 system, the first inspection system to integrate detection and classification of mission-critical topographic and crystallographic defects onto one platform. The Candela 8520 is more than twice as fast as its predecessor, helping to accelerate yield improvement for the rapidly growing market of power devices.

The Candela 8520 wafer inspection system features the ability to close critical defect detection gaps such as stacking faults on bare wafers and basal plane dislocations following epitaxial growth. The system also features analysis tools such as on-tool defect review, die grading and contour mapping. It can generate a comprehensive inspection report that helps process engineers drive accurate corrective actions.

The Candela 8520 combines five complementary inspection techniques that can be used in combination to make the fine distinction between multiple defects such as micropipes and micropits, carrots and basal plane dislocations, stacking faults and step bunching, etc. while also capturing the large topographical defects that can plague SiC substrate and SiC epitaxy process control.

Candela 8520 infographic

The combination of darkfield, brightfield, slope, phase and photoluminescence techniques on a single platform at enhanced throughput delivers high value to manufacturers of power devices.

To maintain high performance and productivity, Candela 8520 inspection systems are backed by KLA’s global comprehensive service network.

Need more information on the Candela 8520? Download the Candela 8520 product brochure here.

To learn more about the full portfolio of compound semi defect inspection solutions offered by the KLA Instruments Group, visit

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