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Opportunity Ahead: Leveraging Teamwork and Perseverance to Drive Innovation

Jan 18, 2022 2 min read

Since joining KLA 13 years ago, Eugene Yap has worked with some of KLA’s most complex detection and review systems. The operations and manufacturing design manager said a majority of his work has been focused on KLA’s electron-beam (e-beam) products, which he proudly refers to as a “game changer.”  

He said that among KLA’s broad portfolio of systems that detect defects, KLA’s e-beam is truly unique. With innovative electron optics and integrated artificial intelligence (AI), KLA’s e-beam inspector detects much smaller defects compared to other systems and yields higher-resolution imagery.

Eugene, who works from KLA’s Singapore office, said KLA is a great place to work for those who want to build a career and succeed in the engineering field, both personally and professionally. At KLA, he’s learned the value of perseverance, one of KLA’s core values, and the benefits of embracing pressures, taking on challenges and making technical advancements.

“I’m a soccer fan. I see us working in the organization as a soccer team. Everyone must play a part, from strikers and goalies to coaches. We must work as a team toward one goal.” – Eugene Yap, operations and manufacturing design manager at KLA

Eugene first joined KLA as a manufacturing engineer for e-beam operations. In that role, he was responsible for transferring product knowledge from the former San Jose, California, office to Singapore. A couple of years later, he became a manager. After his team gradually grew, he oversaw the e-beam operations new product introduction group before being promoted to his current role three years ago.

Eugene takes great pride in KLA’s technology leadership and believes anyone who wants to learn about the latest, greatest technology and help shape the future should work here. He’s also proud of the tremendous sense of community at KLA.

“The e-beam division and Singapore ops team are very cohesive, regardless of whether you’re located in Singapore or Milpitas,” Eugene said. “We really want KLA and our division to be successful, and everyone is helping one another to work toward this same goal. This means a lot to me.” – Eugene Yap, operations and manufacturing design manager at KLA

If you enjoyed learning about Eugene, be sure to catch up on our previous opportunity ahead profile. If you’re interested in advancing humanity with us, browse the KLA careers page to see the opportunities ahead of you.

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