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Nov 16, 2020 2 min read

Earlier this year we launched KLA Instruments, bringing together many of our product lines in the surface metrology space. We recently interviewed KLA General Manager Tom Pierson about the formation of the KLA Instruments group. Pierson highlights the group’s mission, offerings and key differentiators:

What is KLA Instruments’ mission?

At KLA, we understand that yield and performance are critical for our customers, whether they are producing semiconductor or biotech devices, or producing engineers through academic experience. The KLA Instruments group expands that understanding to include not just semi, but a variety of other industries as well. We develop, market and service measurement and defect inspection systems that are used primarily by research and development departments in universities and industrial labs. Our mission is to provide the right measurement solution across a wide range of industries and laboratories – from academia to high-volume manufacturing.

How is KLA Instruments different from KLA?

There’s tremendous value in being part of KLA, with our world-class engineering, global infrastructure, rigorous KLA operating model and discipline through the Product Life Cycle to bring innovation to market. Where we differ lies in our approach to providing solutions. For example, our Filmetrics team provides customers with access to applications engineers within minutes, no matter where our customers are located. We provide this level of support 24 hours a day, five days a week, and consistently engage with our customers to ensure our solutions are aligned to their success.

What are KLA Instruments’ key products?

Our tools range from benchtop units to fully automated systems. Our portfolio includes defect inspection systems for compound semi markets and HDD media, thin-film measurement tools, stylus and 3D optical profilers, and nanoindenters for materials characterization.

What industries are being served by KLA Instruments?

Because the KLA Instruments products are designed to address general surface engineering measurements, we can measure most solid materials, including multi-layer structures. Some of the key industries KLA Instruments serves include automotive, aerospace, communications and networking, energy and semiconductors.

How is KLA Instruments collaborating with academia?

We work closely with our industry and academic partners. This collaboration has led to the development of our Indentation University, a series of webinars and videos and lab workbooks created together with university professors to provide students with hands-on experience in mechanical testing and material science.

Learn more about the KLA Instruments group here or check out our website here.

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