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Celebrating Earth Day 2023: KLA Employees Get Close to Nature

Apr 25, 2023 4 min read

In keeping with KLA’s vision to work for a brighter future, employees in Taiwan, Israel, Singapore, the United States and China have been rolling up their sleeves to create a cleaner and healthier world – not only on Earth Day, but throughout the year.

Exploring and Preserving Natural Beauty in Taiwan

KLA Taiwan employees participated in an eco-volunteering activity on the southern part of the island aimed at helping to preserve a wetlands habitat for migratory birds.

“In addition to helping preserve our environment and land, this activity was very meaningful because I gained a deeper understanding of local environmental issues and learned to change my own behavior by supporting eco-friendly agricultural products,” says Sunny Fang, senior customer service manager.

Twenty-five employees in Taiwan removed invasive plants and bugs from a wetlands area, creating a more suitable environment for the birds that are vital to the agriculture industry in Taiwan.

Also in Taiwan, more than 120 employees took part in a “Let’s Go Hiking Challenge.” Employees, often joined by family and friends, chose mountain hiking locations and explored Taiwan’s natural beauty, earning points based on a difficulty rating system of each mountain.

Lily Liang, applications engineer who hiked with River Tsai (left) and Gary Huang, says, “I loved participating in the hiking activity because it gave me the chance to recharge and connect with my colleagues outside of the office. It’s great that we can bond while also getting some exercise and enjoying the beautiful scenery.” Ken Peng (in photo at right) adds, “I really appreciate this event because it helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

“Our hike helped me discover new passions,” says Wendy Tsai, environment, health and safety (EHS) specialist, whose team earned the most points and took first place. “I never thought I’d enjoy hiking, but now I love it and plan to keep exploring more mountains.”

Will Chen (left) makes it to the top with his third-place team while Allison Yao gets a little help from her daughter.

Rex Chou, customer service engineer says, “I had a fantastic time during this activity. It felt great to get some fresh air and exercise! I appreciate that the company is making it fun and engaging.”

“This event also served as a reminder that by taking small steps toward living a greener life, we can contribute to the protection and sustainability of our planet,” says Gerry Shen, senior EHS manager and Let’s Go Hiking Challenge coordinator.

Building Therapeutic Gardens in Israel

KLA is working with Venatata, a nonprofit that has a goal of planting 100 therapeutic gardens at 100 rehabilitation centers throughout Israel by the end of 2023.

In February 2023 during Israel’s ecological awareness day, known as Tu BiShvat or “New Year of the Trees,” KLA Israel employees contributed their time and energy to planting therapeutic gardens for youth and adult psychiatric patients.

Employees in Yavne planted trees in the Oranim youth village in Rishon Lezion and at two “balance houses” – one for teenagers and the other for adults – for the Izonefesh association, an alternative setting for psychiatric hospitalization. Employees from the Migdal Ha’Emek site planted trees in the Magadim youth village, which houses at-risk children and youth. 

“Dozens of employees volunteered for the exciting project and went out to plant trees in youth villages and Izonefsh homes, where in some places they planted trees shoulder-to-shoulder with local residents and constructed therapeutic ornamental gardens,” explains Shira Zelmanovics, director of employee care and social responsibility at KLA Israel. “We hope to continue this great initiative in 2024.” 

Planting Trees and Turning Off the Lights in Singapore

In cooperation with the KLA Foundation, 108 KLA Singapore employees continued their support of the One Million Trees Movement and the Garden City Fund by volunteering to plant 170 trees in late 2022 and early 2023.

And, prior to Earth Day 2023, KLA Singapore shut off non-essential lights for one hour, joining 414,000 people from 187 countries participating in the World Wildlife Fund’s annual Earth Hour.

Non-essential lights went off – except in areas that would have hindered business activities or caused safety issues, according to Leo Chan, environment, health and safety manager, KLA Singapore.

“Each year, we urge everyone to express solidarity with the planet by joining the movement to switch off for an hour,” Leo says.

Inside and outside, the lights went out for an hour during second shift at three KLA Singapore buildings.

Making an Environmental Impact by Doing Simple Things

Every day, people around the world take simple steps to reduce their carbon footprint in their personal lives – including KLA Instruments marketing communications specialists Kelly Barry, Seattle, Washington, and Zoey Zhang, Shanghai, China. Kelly (left) buys food in bulk to reduce packaging, and Zoey says, “I collect old clothes and put them in the recycling bin. These recycled clothes become new clothes for children living in remote areas.”

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