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Make the World a Better Place: Innovator Works to Transform the Future

Apr 20, 2023 3 min read

KLA applications development engineer June Yeh grew up in Taiwan and discovered her love of math and science in elementary school. June was exposed to Taiwan’s large semiconductor industry when she was young and decided she wanted to contribute to the field. She studied materials science and joined KLA right after college.

“I met with a KLA hiring manager at a college job fair and was immediately drawn to the company. I knew I would enjoy the supportive work environment and culture. We discussed the opportunities and impact I could make. I love how every day I get to work on technology that is transforming our future.”

June Yeh, KLA Taiwan

Optimizing Next Generation Solutions

June works in KLA’s metrology division on the  SpectraShape™ product line. These metrology systems use innovative hardware and physics-based machine learning algorithms to measure the critical dimensions (CDs) and 3D shapes of semiconductor device structures. As an applications development engineer, June helps customers optimize their metrology systems to solve critical manufacturing challenges.

Working within KLA’s multidisciplinary environment, June often collaborates with colleagues from other divisions. One challenging project that required a diverse disciplinary team was the development of a new measurement application for in-die overlay measurements, which required inputs from KLA’s overlay metrology engineers and support from the algorithms team.

“Through extensive communication and collaboration, everyone put their ideas together,” she says. “The result was a superior metrology solution that met the production measurement requirements of the customer.”

Mentoring and Learning

When she’s not busy working on new technology solutions, June enjoys giving back through the KLA Foundation, which is committed to advancing humanity by investing in our communities to create a more equitable, inclusive and accessible world. June participates in quarterly activities, including mentoring students in elementary and high school.

“The opportunity to help influence the next generation through the KLA Foundation is wonderful,” she says. “I especially like to volunteer with students who are considering a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). I want them to see someone like them who has achieved their goals and hopefully inspire them to follow their dreams.”

June also embraces mentorship as part of her career development. She receives regular coaching from her manager on developing new skills. June recently participated in the SPIE Advanced Lithography and Patterning Symposium in California and shared her work, which helps to evolve her ideas.

“At KLA, we’re encouraged to develop ourselves and to positively affect others,” she says. “I push myself to innovate and be better so that I can inspire and give back.”

Getting Close to Nature

June was married recently, and her husband also works in the semiconductor industry. When not working, they enjoy getting closer to nature through outdoor activities including camping, mountain climbing and free diving.

“I find inner peace through free diving,” she says. “Holding my breath helps me to feel myself more deeply and know myself more. Diving in the ocean and seeing beautiful creatures opens my mind to the bigger world.”

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