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Opportunity Ahead: Connecting People with Technology

Jun 10, 2021 2 min read

This week we’re catching up with Narayani Narasimhan and her journey at KLA, which has taken her far and wide. ‘Nani’, as we all call her, is one of our talented product managers whose exciting career has spanned three KLA locations so far. Nani began her career at KLA in America and then moved to KLA France before settling at KLA India.

So as a project manager, what exactly does Nani do at KLA? She answers with enthusiasm: “Well, my job is to understand what our customers will need two years from now. I look at how their ecosystems are progressing. We extrapolate and try to figure out what we need to provide to our customers in order to realize their future dream. Even when they haven’t actually dreamt it yet.”

Sensing confusion, she immediately continues: “If, for example, a customer wants to enable cars to become more and more connected – like the Internet of Things (IoT)  – we develop solutions in that space.” Nani continues by explaining KLA’s relationship to global technology: “KLA’s presence in the semiconductor and electronics industry is often greater than that of any particular customer. After all, our products help to connect, to be honest, around 7.5 billion people across the globe. You can find semiconductors, flat panel displays, etc. in every technological device people use, in every cloud service and in internet servers. So, we know a LOT about cutting-edge connectivity solutions.”

“If I need to encapsulate KLA in one word, it could be ‘technology’ but, honestly, it’s ‘family!’ Because that’s what KLA is to me.”

KLA has always taken pride in our cutting-edge technology, but we’re also proud of our employee community. Nani couldn’t resist acknowledging her co-workers: “But to be frank, people excite me more than technology. The people I work with are brilliant. I always have something to learn from them. I’m still in touch with everybody that I’ve worked with across the world because of how connected we are.”

Be sure to catch up on our previous opportunity ahead profile, and don’t forget to browse the KLA careers page for the opportunities ahead of you.

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