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KLA Named to Fortune 500

Jun 2, 2021 3 min read

Delivering Innovation by Putting Employees and Customers First

An unwavering commitment to our core values, driving innovation and delivering excellence to our customers is what makes us KLA. We’re excited to announce KLA for the first time has been named to the Fortune 500 list for 2021 and to share this amazing achievement with our employees around the world, who made it happen.

The Fortune 500 is a ranking of the 500 largest US-based public or private companies by revenue. Generating over $5 billion in revenue last year, KLA ranks at #468 on this year’s listing. Our dedication to continuous innovation, technology excellence and delivering customer success – made possible by the commitment and hard work of our 11,000+ employees around the world – drives our success and is at the heart of this exciting recognition.

“Our mantra is that no technical challenge is too big or complex for our expert team of physicists, engineers, data scientists and problem solvers. KLA is a place for curiosity, intellectual challenges and industry transformation. We help create and enable advanced ideas that shape our current life and transform our future.”

Rick Wallace, CEO and President

KLA’s long-standing Operating Model allows us to maintain business continuity and deliver on our commitments. The combination of consistent strategy and execution, continuous improvement and financial rigor ensures our company is prepared, organized and agile when addressing shifts in the marketplace. This reliable, resilient framework enabled KLA to mitigate business impacts associated with the challenges of the past year and remain steadfast to our corporate commitment of advancing humanity.

Customer Focus

Our market leadership is a direct result of ongoing, successful execution of KLA’s customer-focused strategy. We invest in R&D well beyond industry benchmarks to continuously drive advancements of our targeted portfolio of products and technologies that address the most critical process control and process enabling challenges our customers face. 

Despite major disruptions to the global semiconductor supply chain, our long-term R&D roadmap remained on track during the pandemic, enabling KLA to adapt and to continue our contributions to solving the electronic industry’s most complex product pipeline challenges and enabling industry advancements. 

Our Employees Are Our Priority

While continuing to serve our customers and innovate for the future, our priority over the past year has been the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees. With COVID came new challenges, new stresses and the need to take a “whole person” approach. We offered new and enhanced support programs for managing stress and anxiety and feelings of isolation. We also provided additional services and programs through our Employee Assistance Program, spanning home schooling, caregiving, childcare expenses, paid leave and more.

As a multinational company with over 11,000 employees and offices around the world, we’re committed to making our teams as diverse as possible. We have put significant resources behind our inclusion and diversity (I&D) program to ensure this is successful. This investment includes numerous employee resource groups and a commitment to advancing representation within the company. To this end, women hold 50% of site leadership roles and represent 29% of KLA’s employee base at our growing second US headquarters in Ann Arbor

Our employees also play a critical role in community giving efforts made through the KLA Foundation. Over the last year, the Foundation has pledged millions of dollars towards local, national and international initiatives, including a $2 million global relief fund for COVID-19, most recently enhanced  with an additional $550,000 targeting the current crisis in India. Additionally, KLA committed $1 million to combat racial inequity, and created a $1.5 million social equity fund in partnership with the American Heart Association to provide COVID relief to non-profits serving underserved communities in America.

Advancing Humanity Today and Tomorrow

In 2021, our primary goals remain to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, continue to deliver value for our customers and continue making long-term investments that drive technology innovation. We are encouraged by the effectiveness of our approach to business continuity, which has allowed our business and R&D activities to adapt and succeed during this pandemic. The future is our canvas.

KLA is always working towards advancing humanity, in terms of both science and global citizenship. We continue to invest heavily in the betterment of community health, education and equality by helping to create upstream solutions for sustainable change. Furthermore, we’re proud of our solutions, which help make the next generation of electronics a reality. 

Our spotlight story, featuring an interview with CEO Rick Wallace, may be found on the Fortune 500.

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