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KLA Location Spotlight: Yavne, Israel

Sep 22, 2022 6 min read

We return to Israel on our virtual tour of our global locations. This time to Yavne, situated just south of Tel Aviv, and home to one of two mega sites in Israel.

Small Town, Big Significance Then and Now

Yavne, a town of 48,000 inhabitants, has a rich history, particularly during the Byzantine period around 1,500 years ago. Its archaeological finds, including a recent discovery of the largest-known Byzantine wine factory and the period’s most luxurious pottery, show ancient Yavne to have been a thriving city and export hub for the entire Mediterranean region.

Today, as home to one of two KLA sites in Israel, Yavne is a main development and manufacturing hub for the company’s printed circuit board (PCB) and Frontline businesses.

Electronics manufacturers from around the world use technologies developed at KLA Yavne to inspect and measure printed circuit boards to verify their quality, pattern the desired electronic circuitry on the relevant substrate and perform three-dimensional shaping of metalized circuits on multiple surfaces. The site’s engineering teams work within KLA’s collaborative innovation culture to deliver market-leading, yield-enhancing software and hardware solutions that allow customers to gain competitive advantage through higher-quality components and more robust products.

“Israel is known as the ‘start-up nation,’ and in that spirit, KLA Yavne offers employees a supportive environment to explore and develop new ideas that bring innovative product solutions to the electronics industry.”

Arik Gordon, vice president, strategy and growth, Electronics Packaging and Components Group,  KLA
Guy Amrani discusses how industry-leading KLA solutions developed in Yavne help customers achieve more.

Major Focus on R&D and Manufacturing

The Yavne location was originally the headquarters for Orbotech, which KLA acquired in 2019. With the acquisition, the former Orbotech businesses became part of KLA’s Electronics Packaging and Components (EPC) group. The acquisition expanded KLA’s technology and market reach within the electronics value chain by adding industry-leading solutions for use in the manufacture of printed circuit boards to the company’s capabilities.

The Yavne location is KLA’s main research and development (R&D) and manufacturing site for the PCB and Frontline divisions. It is also home to the EPC Central Engineering Group, which is responsible for driving and managing innovation programs across EPC operations globally. The site’s corporate and support functions support KLA’s operations in Israel, and its labs and cleanroom facilities support R&D and customer programs.

The site has a history of accolades, such as being featured in Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies in 2017 and Dun’s 100 Leading Enterprises in Israel in 2019.

40 Years of Innovation  

From the advanced screen to complex electronics inside the latest smartphones, it’s likely that many of the modules like the main PCB were produced using solutions developed by KLA Yavne.

For decades, the PCB organization has been a market leader in providing electronics industry customers with differentiated technologies to achieve greater accuracy and higher efficiency in their manufacturing processes.

Oreste Donzella, executive vice president, EPC

The PCB division develops leading process and process control solutions for PCB and IC substrate makers. The division has been responsible for many “industry firsts” and is focused on offering innovative solutions to shape the way PCBs are produced with high-precision and yields. Process solutions include a range of products, including advanced direct imaging for solder masks and laser drilling for via formation. Process control solutions include automated optical inspection and automated optical shaping solutions to improve yield and efficiency.

From board design to manufacturing, Yavne’s Frontline software division is a world leader in printed circuit board CAM (computer aided manufacturing), engineering and Industry 4.0 preproduction software solutions. Under the Frontline product line, KLA offers innovative solutions for transforming complex designs into end products using cloud, AI, advanced algorithms and other leading technologies. With more than 20 years of experience, a passionate team, thousands of projects and over 15,000 software installations worldwide, the Frontline division helps customers make the most of their PCB production process and offers high-technology solutions to the market.

A High-Tech Culture of Learning and Mentoring

“Within all of this cutting-edge work, more than half of the site’s employees are engaged in R&D,” says Adi Yarhi, head of HR, KLA Israel. “Many of our engineers were attracted to KLA because they can explore and innovate in their area of specialization.”

The EPC Central Engineering Group established the annual EPC Innovation Program, with a call to action for KLA employees from across the group to submit ideas for new products, technologies, markets or any other continuous improvement or innovation idea.

In keeping with KLA’s culture of learning, mentoring and career development, the program includes support from expert mentors from within KLA who help the team of employee entrepreneurs shape their concept and pitch it to a panel of managers.

“The EPC Innovation Program is proving to be a successful springboard for many ideas that become ongoing projects within the organization,” explains Mor Azaria, head of EPC R&D Central group.

KLA in the Community – Good Deeds Day

Volunteering in the community is generally very popular in Israel, although physically volunteering has been challenged in recent years due to the pandemic.

“This year’s national Good Deeds Day was a fantastic opportunity for KLA employees to remember how good it feels to help the community,” says Anna Bortman, social responsibility leader, who coordinated KLA Israel’s activities for the event.

Whether working on KLA’s business or rolling up their sleeves to make a difference in the community, Yavne employees get the job done – while also having fun in the process.

Teams at KLA Israel locations work together to make a difference in all kinds of ways, including cleaning up coastal and valley nature reserves, cooking and distributing food to the needy and painting sheltered accommodation for the older generation.

Hagar Biner, social responsibility coordinator, says, “Good Deeds Day really kickstarted interest for employees to once again start volunteering regularly after many in-person activities were suspended during the pandemic, and I’m thrilled that we can renew our contribution to the community in and around Yavne.”

Opportunities for Everyone

Orcafe (“or” means light in Hebrew) is a café established by KLA at its Yavne campus, run in partnership with a community organization, Reut. Reut’s missions is to promote rehabilitation services for people with disabilities, integrate them into the community and bring them back to work. Employees enjoy their relationships with the Orcafe team, and Orcafe is a great option for employees who enjoy the modern setting for breakfast and coffee meetings as well as lunch with the option to sit outside on the deck or lawn.

“The café opened in the year that COVID-19 began in Israel, and the fact that there was a partial presence of employees in the offices made for an easier introduction for the Orcafe employees to a new role and a new environment,” says Shira Zelmanovics, wellbeing and social responsibility manager, KLA Israel. “Today, Orcafe is a phenomenal success. Employees love to eat there.”

Rocking Out in Yavne

Employees walking by Building 4 in Yavne might not be surprised to hear the sound of drums and electric guitars coming from the shelter that doubles up as the practice room for the KLA Yavne band. After famous Israeli musician Idan Raichel performed at a company event in 2005, employees were inspired to establish their own band.

Since then, band members have changed but the spirit remains, and the band continues to be a highlight of internal events throughout the year as well as volunteering days. The seven members, hailing from various divisions, meet every two weeks to practice their set of well-known covers in English and Hebrew.  

“The band brings something different to the company,” says founding member Lior Ohayon, technical course developer. “Employees really look forward to hearing us at events.”

Read more about KLA Israel in our spotlight on the Migdal HaEmek site and a recent sustainability-themed hackathon involving employees at both locations. To start your career at KLA, a World’s Most Admired Company, browse our job openings in Israel and our many global locations for the opportunities ahead for you.

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