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KLA Foundation Aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Sep 14, 2021 3 min read

KLA Foundation strategically partners with organizations that know their communities best to create upstream solutions for sustainable change and empower our employees to get involved. We support programs and activities focused on education, wellness and community enrichment, and aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10.  

Through these goals, we advance humanity by creating a more equitable, inclusive and accessible world.  

No poverty

No Poverty

Global poverty continues to rise at an alarming rate, with many of those affected unable to access long-term financial support. KLA is committed to combatting this trend through the creation and support of various initiatives. Our specific approach addresses housing insecurity, disaster relief and support for the elderly.  

The Multicultural Family Center receives KLA Korea sponsored care packages with basic necessities, 2020.
Zero hunger

Zero Hunger

Food insecurity and the number of people experiencing malnutrition has increased. There are almost 60 million more people who are undernourished now compared to 2014. KLA provides relief to those experiencing hunger by partnering with food banks around the world. By providing support and resources to help end world hunger, we are doing our part to help improve the quality of life for those in need in our communities. 

Good health and wellbeing

Good Health and Wellbeing

We understand that maintaining good health is essential to overall wellbeing. As a result, KLA partners with organizations that focus on physical and mental health, such as the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided support globally – for example, to mental health charities in the UK, ICU units in India, vulnerable seniors in Singapore, and healthcare workers in California. We’ve also focused on non-pandemic related initiatives. In Israel, we work with community organizations that support Holocaust survivors. We’ve also created Move 4 A Cause, an initiative focused on physical health of KLA employees, to promote wellbeing within our own workplace.  

KLA employees pose by their bikes outdoors while supporting KLA’s annual Bike to Wherever Day, 2021.
Quality education

Quality Education

KLA seeks to promote quality, inclusive and equitable education. We understand the importance of education and early introduction to STEM studies in shaping the next generation of innovators. As part of our strategic approach, KLA partners with organizations and school districts that understand their students’ needs.  

For example, we provide financial and volunteer support to the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, FIRST Robotics, Reading Partners, and Bay Area Tutoring Association. KLA Foundation and FIRST Robotics joined forces to create the annual RoboGames event, focused on highlighting innovative students and their passion for engineering, which is now in its third year. 

Gender equality

Gender Equality

KLA acknowledges that there are prevalent gender inequalities within the global workforce, especially in the technology sector. KLA strives to create opportunities and increase long-term access to educational resources to support girls and underrepresented communities throughout their unique educational journeys, especially in STEM fields. 

By supporting Taiwan Girl’s Camp, Habitat for Humanity and Alliance 4 Girls, KLA provides resources for young girls and women as part of our kinder through career approach to combatting gender inequality. 

The Women in Stem Empowered (W.I.S.E.) Employee Resource group participating in the Women’s Build for Habitat for Humanity, 2021.
Reduced inequalities

Reduced Inequalities

The KLA Foundation uses a top-down and bottom-up approach to eradicating inequities. We invest in organizations that transform our communities through public policy as well as grassroots organizations that provide immediate-access resources when they’re needed most. In 2020, the KLA Foundation launched the Social Equity Fund in collaboration with the American Heart Association to provide the resources to close equity gaps, particularly in the Metro Detroit and South Bay/Silicon Valley areas.  

Feeling inspired? Visit the KLA Foundation to learn more about our charitable outreach and how we’re able to make a difference in the lives of people across the globe. 

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