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Celebrating Women and Embracing Diversity

Mar 30, 2023 2 min read

As KLA marked International Women’s Day (IWD) and Women’s History Month with livestreamed events in the United States and India during March, KLA Advance asked some of the company’s female employees to reflect on their experiences and offer advice to others.

“Around the world, we work in a setting where everyone’s opinion is valued and people work alongside colleagues and mentors who share their experiences,” says Tracey Bradley, talent acquisition manager, Europe, and member of WISE, Newport, U.K.  “During my two years at KLA, I have found that the company is committed to ensuring all employees are encouraged to be themselves, bring their whole selves to the job and to know they are valued and respected for the great work they do”

“Listen to the people around you, really listen. People will have been in your position, so listen to what they experienced and learn from it. Try to complete every training opportunity provided to you and own any mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s how you handle them that defines you as a person.”

Etch process engineer, Newport, U.K.

“My career advice to young women: Don’t hesitate to stay curious, don’t be shy to share your point of view, and ask for help if needed.”

Product development engineer, Leuven, Belgium

“My role model within KLA is a strong female manager who is highly respected. She has built up an overwhelming amount of knowledge and experience and always has suggestions to help solve problems. She is a great person to look up to when I am just beginning my career in the field.”

Graduate Process Engineer, Newport, U.K.

“I have a workplace where mutual respect is apparent, where my work is appreciated and recognized, and everyone has a chance to be heard.”

Software Engineer, Leuven, Belgium

Speakers at WISE Events Advocate for Women and Disabled People

KLA’s Women in STEM Empowered (WISE) employee resource group, with chapters in the United States and India hosted speakers on equality in the workplace and diversity of disabled people.

Hang Black (above left and bottom) answers employee questions during a livestream from Milpitas, California, and Poonam Natarajan speaks from Chennai, India as part of KLA’s celebration of International Women’s Day.

Hang Black

Hang, vice president of revenue enablement and sales technology evangelist at ZoomInfo, is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author and dynamic global speaker on sales, leadership and diversity and inclusion. She describes herself as a recovering short, shy and Asian engineer. Speaking to KLA employees in the United States, Hang advises other women to: “Take agency of your adversity. Be clear to your leadership what you want and take the opportunity before the window closes. What’s your long-term goal?”

Poonam Natarajan

Poonam is founder of Vidya Sagar, a pioneering organization in India offering services to families and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She told KLA India employees, “Look at disability as part of diversity – throw the word ‘normal’ out the window. Nobody is normal, everyone is an individual.” Disabled women, she says, face many challenges: “Although non-disabled women are trying to be more equal with men, women with disabilities want to become like non-disabled people and desire to get married and have a family. And, of course, they want to have a job, which can be difficult due to transportation challenges here in India.”

To learn more, visit KLA’s inclusion and diversity page. If you’re interested in working with us, browse the KLA careers page for the opportunities ahead for you.

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