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Orbotech’s Frontline Accelerates Time to Market

Mar 16, 2021 1 min read

Today’s PCB (printed circuit board) engineering departments face many challenges in their process planning, including long and complex planning cycles, inconsistent skill levels between engineers and inefficiencies caused by multiple software tools with no unified management system.  

Earlier today, Orbotech’s Frontline announced InFlow™, a robust, automated, all-in-one engineering software solution for PCB manufacturers. By offering full coverage of the entire engineering process, this game-changing solution reduces planning time by up to 60%, enabling dramatically faster time to market for even the highest design complexity and volume level production.

As a fully automated solution, InFlow ensures that even inexperienced engineers can deliver standardized, best quality output for the most challenging projects and technologies. InFlow supports the pre-production processes of high-speed, high-complexity boards.  Through complete automation, the InFlow system produces standardized, error-free output, enabling operators of all experience levels to accelerate productivity and time to market.

With its built-in CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) graphic editor, InFlow reduces reliance on external CAM resources and allows job editing within the engineering system. It also shortens pre-manufacturing technical query cycles with board designers with standardized automatic checklists and traceability reports.

The continued growth of 5G and high-speed, high-capacity printed circuit boards is driving a constant need for innovation in PCB production technologies. By streamlining the engineering process, InFlow helps customers meet the demand for next generation electronics that advance humanity.

Learn more about Frontline’s InFlow™

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