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Chip Manufacturing 101

Sep 30, 2021 1 min read

Ever wondered what a semiconductor is and how they’re made? Or what KLA products are used for and why they’re so important to the industry?

Wonder no more because we’ve developed a beginner’s guide to explain how chips are manufactured and where KLA fits in the manufacturing process. Below, you can navigate through our interactive guide and learn about key steps in the chip manufacturing process.

The next time you wonder what chip manufacturing consists of or want to share your knowledge, we hope you use this resource to understand KLA’s role in the chip manufacturing supply chain and how vital inspection and metrology systems are to chip production.

If you’re interested in advancing humanity with us, browse our careers page. To learn about our ESG story and how we manage topics such as inclusion and diversity, community initiatives, climate and energy, and talent development, read the Global Impact Report on our ESG webpage.

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