KLA Corporation’s Standards of Business Conduct for Suppliers


KLA Corporation’s1 (“KLA”) Standards of Business Conduct for Suppliers2 (“SoBC”) sets forth the minimum standards of conduct that KLA expects all of its Suppliers to meet while conducting business with, or on behalf of, KLA. KLA is committed to conducting business with the highest integrity and in compliance with applicable standards and legal requirements and we expect the same of Suppliers. Failure to comply with the provisions of the SoBC may result in the termination of KLA’s business relationship with Suppliers.

Please click on the links below for the SoBC in various languages:

  • 1 KLA Corporation includes KLA Corporation and its worldwide subsidiaries.
  • 2 The term “Suppliers” refers collectively to all individuals and entities who engage in business with KLA, including but not limited to suppliers, agents, distributors and non-employee workers.

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