Capacitive Sensors

KLA’s portfolio of capacitive sensors enable detection and measurement of proximity, positioning, distance, displacement, run out, autofocus, nulling, vibrations and thickness. Our non-contact, low-noise, high-performance sensors are used by OEMs (semiconductor equipment, automated microscopy, automotive components, photovoltaic) and production end users (data storage, automotive drive train components) for a range of applications, including direct measurements of straightness and flatness of high precision machine tools and stages, and use as a position sensor for focal plane control. Our capacitive sensors also serve an array of industrial test and measurement, and research and development use cases.

MicroSense® Capacitive Sensors

Non-contact Position Measurement

MicroSense® capacitive sensors utilize innovative technology to achieve high-performance measurement capabilities. With down to picometer resolution, MicroSense capacitive sensors offer the lowest noise performance of any commercially available capacitive sensor. Several application-specific capacitive position sensors are available, with each optimized for either high stability and linearity or the highest measurement bandwidth for fast response.

All MicroSense capacitive sensors feature:

  • Completely non-contact capacitive position measurement using accurate electrical sensing technology
  • Detection of any conductive, grounded target with surface finish or material having no effect on accuracy
  • Short measurement ranges, 10µm up to 4mm, depending on sensor size

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