Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for sales, licenses and delivery of hardware, software, services and other products by KLA Corporation.

When Do These Terms Apply?

Any quote, order, and order acknowledgment, and any sale, license or delivery or hardware, software, services or other products (“Products”) by KLA Corporation (“KLA”) to any acquirer (“Customer”) shall be governed by KLA’s general terms and conditions posted on this website (“Terms”). By submitting a purchase order, accepting delivery of Products or otherwise proceeding with a transaction after receipt of notice about the Terms on this website, Customer agrees to the Terms.

Which Region-Specific Versions Apply?

If KLA’s quotation, order acknowledgement, or invoice with respect to a particular order or delivery of Products specifies a Customer address in one of the regions listed below, then the region-specific versions for such region apply. In all other cases – or when in doubt – the Standard (U.S.) versions apply.

Which Components of the Terms Apply?

All region-specific sets of Terms contain several modules. The “General Terms” always apply. The product-specific modules (e.g., Hardware Sales Terms) apply only to certain types of Products as further defined in each module. If you have any questions, please contact KLA for clarification.

What If Customers Do Not Wish to Agree to the Terms?

If you do not wish to agree to the Terms, contact KLA and do not proceed with the transaction until a signed written agreement is reached. KLA will be happy to consider entering into a written master agreement, depending on anticipated sales volumes.

Note: KLA does not accept, expressly or impliedly, and KLA hereby rejects, any additional or different terms or conditions that Customer presents, including, but not limited to, any terms or conditions contained or referenced in any order, acceptance, acknowledgment, or other document, or established by trade usage or prior course of dealing, unless KLA expressly and unambiguously agrees to such terms and conditions in a duly signed writing with respect to a particular order or delivery of Products or in a master agreement that covers the specific types of Products and is signed or expressly confirmed in a duly signed writing after January 1, 2005.

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