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ECI Conference

KLA is a sponsor of the ECI - Nanomechanical Testing in Materials Research and Development VIII. We invite you to visit our booth to learn about the latest innovations in nanoindentation. We also invite you to the presentations of Dr. Warren Oliver and Dr. Yujie Meng.

Dr. Warren Oliver will present "Measurement of Hardness and Elastic Modulus by Depth Sensing Indentation: Improvements to the Technique Based on Continuous Stiffness Measurement".

Dr. Yujie Meng will present "Exploring Accurate Structure, Composition and Mechanical Properties of η Carbides in High Tungsten Iron-based Alloy: High-throughput Mapping and DFT Calculations".

The ECI - Nanomechanical Testing in Materials Research and Development VIII conference will bring together people working in the field of nano- and micromechanical testing in materials research. The conference aims to bring together the research community working in the field of experimental mechanics, with a focus on nano- and micro-mechanical testing and a special emphasis on bridging observations across multiple length scales.

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