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Revolutionary e-beam defect inspection

Accelerated Defect Discovery

Today’s leading-edge ICs are fabricated using intricate shapes and new materials, with structures that are smaller, narrower, taller and deeper. This complexity demands innovative defect inspection solutions. The eSL10™ e-beam patterned wafer defect inspection system captures and identifies defects not found by other inspectors, reducing the cycle time required for solving critical yield or reliability issues. By providing a deep understanding of critical defects early in the chip manufacturing process, the eSL10 helps accelerate time-to-market for innovative electronic devices.

Innovative Technologies

Extraordinary defect discovery begins with a revolutionary architecture. Explore the breakthrough technologies that deliver the eSL10’s industry-leading e-beam inspection performance.


See how the eSL10’s revolutionary technologies address the defect challenges associated with leading-edge 3D NAND, DRAM and logic device manufacturing.

Comprehensive Inspection Portfolio

The eSL10 joins our family of advanced inspection and review systems that detect, identify and source critical defects from early R&D to volume production for logic, DRAM and 3D NAND devices. Covering the full range of defect discovery and monitoring applications within the chip manufacturing environment, our comprehensive portfolio produces information that helps IC manufacturers achieve faster ramp, improved device quality, and higher production yield.

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