Advanced ICs

AI, 5G, cloud and edge computing, autonomous vehicles, mobile devices. Today’s electronics and tomorrow’s technologies require leading-edge GPUs, CPUs, DRAM and 3D NAND chips. These ICs are fabricated using intricate shapes and new materials, with structures that are smaller, narrower, taller and deeper. This complexity demands innovative process control to ensure manufacturing success.

Top view of logic n3 nanowire

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Innovative Technologies

Extraordinary defect discovery starts with illuminating nanoscale defects.

Our optical inspectors leverage broadband light sources brighter than the sun, while our e-beam review system harnesses electrons across an unprecedented range of beam currents and voltages. Advanced sensor technologies, and algorithms that span the spectrum from design-based to machine learning, isolate subtle defects from noisy surroundings on challenging patterns and process layers.

Meet the Family

With unique technologies and strong connectivity, our 392x and 295x inspectors and eDR7380 review system form a comprehensive solution for detection, identification and sourcing of critical defects from R&D to volume production for advanced logic, DRAM and 3D NAND devices.

Product image of the 392x

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392x and 295x

Broadband plasma optical patterned wafer defect inspection systems

  • Complementary wavelength ranges across the 392x and 295x platforms ensure ultimate sensitivity to yield-critical defects for improved discovery and monitoring for leading-edge IC devices
  • Sensor and light source innovations enable detection of critical defects at high throughput for fast discovery, yield learning and inline monitoring during R&D, ramp and production.
  • Design-aware algorithms, including pixel•point™ and nano•cell™, deliver sub-pixel scale care areas for improved capture and binning of yield-relevant defects
  • The 392x’s unique wavelength range, apertures, and new algorithms enable detection of repeater defects for wafer-level EUV reticle requalification

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Product image of the eDR7380

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e-beam wafer defect review and classification system

  • Simul™-6 technology produces a complete DOI pareto in one test for accurate defect sourcing and faster excursion detection
  • Wide optics space provides high image quality for a broad range of defect review applications:
    • Imaging and classification of defects in high aspect ratio trenches or contact holes on 3D NAND or DRAM devices
    • Visualization of defects in finFET trenches, such as previous-layer shorts
    • Identification of voltage contrast defects
    • Low damage review of defects on fragile EUV litho process layers
  • Unique synergy with KLA inspectors facilitates accurate identification of patterned wafer, bare wafer and bevel edge defects for faster yield learning

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