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Walkathon Fundraiser Unites KLA China Employees in Shanghai

Aug 17, 2021 2 min read

KLA advances humanity in multiple ways. From enabling the world’s favorite devices, to charting the future of technology, our mission to make communities a better place has always been a global one. Our employees advance humanity not only through these technological breakthroughs, but also through their charitable activities and outreach.

With the addition of Orbotech and SPTS, who share our commitment to corporate citizenship, the ways we can give back to our communities have increased in scope and importance. In June, employees from KLA China, including employees from the SPTS and Orbotech divisions, participated in a 50-kilometer walkathon throughout Shanghai to raise awareness and funds that support adolescent and teen wellbeing.

KLA Employees gather for a photo during the June 2021 Walkathon event held in China.

The goal of the fundraising event was to benefit Shanghai United Foundation (SUF), a grant-making organization known for investing and supporting independent non-profit groups in China. Employees rallied together via social media to spread awareness of the event alongside KLA senior executives, recruiting friends and family to join them. Employees also volunteered their time to hand out food and water.

The walkathon, which was completed over a 12-hour period, was streamed live on WeChat by employees who participated. There were six teams who achieved their goal of raising 30,000 Chinese Yuans each.

KLA employees were able to raise CNY¥180,000 total, giving 45 children the opportunity to receive CNY¥4,000 each for one year. The money will be used to help them gain access to education, housing, mental and physical health services, well-rounded nutrition, and care services for those who have been orphaned or have parents in jail. The program is scheduled to run from September 2021 to August 2022 with the help of SUF.

KLA employees posing for a photo during the June 2021 Walkathon event held in China.

For more information on how KLA is working towards a better world for our employees and their communities, visit the KLA Foundation.

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