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KLA Newport Engineer Earns SEMICON Europa 20 Under 30 Recognition

Jan 9, 2024 3 min read

Eloise Bond, etch process engineer in KLA’s SPTS division, Newport, Wales, received inaugural SEMICON Europa 20 Under 30 recognition honoring the industry’s brightest young leaders who have demonstrated success in the microelectronics supply chain.

“My job in the semiconductor industry is right at the cutting edge of technology, and it’s nice to be recognized for the work that I do.”

Eloise Bond, KLA SPTS etch process engineer
Eloise Bond joins Welsh government minister of economy Vaughan Gething alongside female employees of KLA
Eloise Bond joins Welsh government minister of economy Vaughan Gething (second from left) and KLA executives at SEMICON Europa 2023.
Above, Eloise Bond joins Welsh government minister of economy Vaughan Gething (second from left) and KLA executives at SEMICON Europa 2023.

SEMICON Europa gives the recognition to 20 professional leaders under age 30 with a strong record of innovation, community engagement and outstanding performance. Since joining KLA in 2019, Eloise has been involved heavily with advanced packaging projects to help drive business growth for KLA. Her activities include performing process development for plasma etch applications on advanced packaging and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and working to drive tool sales by verifying that customer requirements are met. She also supports customers by conducting joint development activities and continuous studies.

Eloise enjoys the practical nature of process engineering.

“I find working experimentally with real material to be very engaging,” she says. “The ability to make process changes, expand knowledge and work toward a variety of customer requirements means no two days are the same.”

Eloise has become lead process engineer on several projects for manufacturers buying KLA tools.

To be considered for the 20 Under 30 recognition, nominations must be made by a manager, mentor, sponsor, colleague and/or peers. Eloise’s nominators say she takes responsibility for her “detailed and meticulous work,” incorporating all relevant background into her project plans, and establishes “excellent personal relationships with several key customers as a trusted expert.” Customers often ask her to visit their facilities while their new equipment is being installed.

In addition to demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities, commitment to success and innovation through collaboration, nominees for the recognition are judged for their community involvement. Eloise interacts with local youth through school visits and internal workshops to help increase general interest in science and raise awareness for employment options that may be unfamiliar to many young people in South Wales. She is a KLA STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) ambassador, working with schoolchildren in underserved communities to promote science and volunteers for external workshops such as “Generation Tech” run in connection with Cardiff University.

Eloise promoting STEM to school children

KLA Newport also hosts children onsite.

“Many schools are underfunded and have space constraints, so we bring students here to KLA’s Newport facility,” Eloise explains. “Not only is it a fun day out for them – they can also have those ‘Oh, that’s so cool’ moments by looking under a microscope for the first time.”

Eloise has always been interested in science, prompted by STEM activities during her childhood and visits to museums with her parents that sparked an interest in science and the physical world around her. She went on to study physics at Swansea University, leading into her current role at KLA. “Science wasn’t really a conscious choice,” she recalls. “I just maintained an interest in science and decided to pursue it – and I enjoy passing down to the next generation the enthusiasm others had demonstrated during my own childhood STEM experiences.”

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