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KLA Helps to Advance the Industry at SEMICON Korea 2024

Feb 13, 2024 3 min read

From its position at the forefront of evolving semiconductor technologies, KLA’s presence at SEMICON Korea spanned from showcasing its solutions for electronics manufacturers to fostering success in the industry by co-sponsoring forums on advanced packaging, workforce development and engagement.

“At SEMICON Korea 2024, KLA not only presents its leading technology that makes a substantial contribution to the overall advancement of the industry – the company also assumes a pivotal role in fostering the success of our industry and SEMICON Korea through various engagements with tech communities and sponsorships.”

H.D. Cho, president, SEMI Korea
KLA hosted multiple forums benefitting the semiconductor industry at SEMICON Korea 2024. Click on arrow to watch video.

Stephen Hiebert, head of KLA’s LS-SWIFT packaging and LED business, participated in the metrology and inspection forum with the presentation, “Process Control Challenges in Heterogenous Integration with Die-to-Wafer/Wafer-to-Wafer Bonding” at the Metrology and Inspection forum.

“The semiconductor industry is in an exciting inflection where 3D technologies and the heterogeneous integration of chips inside advanced packages can supplement the performance gains found by traditional lateral scaling. Wafer-to-wafer and die-to-wafer hybrid bonding are processes used to create stacks of chips for these types of 3D integrations. At SEMICON Korea, I discussed with customers how this trend is driving their requirements for new process control solutions from KLA.”

Stephen Hiebert
KLA's Steve Hiebert presents “Process Control Challenges in Heterogenous Integration with Die-to-Wafer/Wafer-to-Wafer Bonding" at SEMICON Korea 2024.

Wansung Park, mechanical design engineer, gave a presentation “My Journey as an Engineer at KLA,” aimed primarily at technology students attending a Meet the Experts forum.

“It was a true honor to connect and share my experience with university students on my fourth year with KLA. I hope these opportunities will encourage more students to become interested in semiconductors, which will enrich the semiconductor ecosystem. I also valued my casual and insightful exchanges with colleagues and customers at SEMICON Korea as we collectively shape the future of our industry.”

Wansung Park
KLA Korea's Wansung Park encourages students to study semiconductor technologies at SEMICON Korea 2024.

Hyocheon Kwon, KLA Korea applications engineer, presented “Relationship Building Matters in Your Career Development” at a Women in Technology forum.

“Relationships really matter in an engineer’s career development. In preparing for this presentation, I thought about the relationships between me and customers, my colleagues and elsewhere within the company and how very important these interactions have been to my career.”

Hyocheon Kwon
KLA Korea's Hyocheon Kwon discusses the importance of building relationships in advancing engineering careers.

Kathy Kim, senior director of HR, KLA Korea, spoke of the semiconductor industry’s importance in South Korea and opportunities for talent.

Kathy Kim discusses how the semiconductor industry is a key driver of South Korea's talent market.

The semiconductor business is an important industry in South Korea and a key driver of the talent market. Given our industry’s popularity, many university students visited this year’s SEMICON Korea. The event presented an opportunity to introduce potential candidates to KLA’s core values and vision. We’re planning on growing continuously in the Korean semiconductor industry along with our customers and base of talent.”

Kathy Kim

KLA Korea continues to pursue growth possibilities in emerging technologies with strategic customers, according to Yanghyong Kim, country president, KLA Korea.

“AI, for example, is about to open exciting possibilities. KLA will be an important part of the future.”

Yanghyong Kim

H.D. Cho adds that KLA’s role is pivotal.

H.D. Cho, president, SEMI Korea, says KLA is at the forefront of cutting-edge chip manufacturing technology.

“In this era of transformative advancements propelled by AI, KLA stands at the forefront of cutting-edge chip manufacturing technology with its exceptional expertise and technological capabilities in semiconductor manufacturing, particularly in inspection and metrology.

H.D. Cho

For more photos of KLA’s participation in SEMICON Korea 2024, go to this link. Check out our careers page and feature on KLA Korea’s 30th anniversary.

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