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KLA Foundation’s 2020 Year in Review

Jan 28, 2021 3 min read

For the KLA Foundation, 2020 highlighted the importance of community and provided an opportunity to prove we can still drive meaningful change when individuals bring their time, talents and resources together. Despite countless challenges, our employees and philanthropic partners were more motivated than ever to support those in need, lend a helping hand and make this world a better place for future generations. From launching the KLA Social Equity Fund with the American Heart Association to 3D printing PPE for medical workers, the KLA Foundation kept busy in 2020. We would like to thank all employees who gave their time and resources in this unprecedented year.

COVID-19 Relief

The KLA Foundation invested $2 Million in COVID-19 global relief efforts for hospitals, food banks, schools, family healthcare centers and other essential community resources. KLA’s procurement department volunteered their time to help San Jose’s Valley Medical Center secure PPE, our employees sent handmade cards to healthcare workers, and several KLA offices around the world helped distribute food boxes to families in need and provide meals for essential workers. In October, KLA was recognized as a Corporate Champion by the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropy Awards, which highlighted KLA’s hard work 3D-printing face shields for medical workers.

Social Justice

In June, KLA announced the dedication of $1 Million to national and local initiatives addressing systemic racial inequities. As part of this dedication, the KLA Foundation launched the Social Equity Fund in collaboration with the American Heart Association to connect financial resources with non-profit organizations committed to breaking down systemic inequities. This three-year, $1.5 Million fund specifically benefits the Silicon Valley and Metro Detroit areas where KLA has U.S. headquarters, implementing a locally driven investment strategy shaped by community health and business needs.

In addition, the KLA Foundation expanded its investments in local grassroots organizations increasing access to healthcare, education, wellness and support networks for the Black community.

We believe “Top-Down” reform is essential for eradicating systemic inequities. However, while we advocate for progress at a high level, we know that large scale structural change takes time, and we cannot depend entirely upon external forces to provide aid. Therefore, when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our communities, we invest in grassroots and community based organizations in a “Bottom-Up” approach. This drives momentum for change and creates immediate-access resources where they are most needed. Combined, we believe these efforts will enable reform over time.

Other Community Investments and Projects

Our grant for Science Is Elementary helped them convert their in-person lessons into streamlined booklets so that fun science education could continue amidst shelter-in-place.

In July, we hosted our second annual RoboGames in a virtual format and allowed our thirteen KLA-sponsored teams to showcase their incredible talents and hard work.

In collaboration with W.I.S.E., we relaunched a global microloan program with and helped fund 183 female entrepreneurs in 32 countries.

On October 1, we hosted our annual Heart Walk for the AHA in a new virtual format.

KLA Taiwan was able to host 40 high school students for the SEMI High Tech U program by embracing COVID-conscientious health protocols.

KLA Singapore was the recipient of the Community Chest Award for community impact. Employees also volunteered their time conducting mock interviews online.

KLA India collaborated with Aid India to supply food for 30 villages, employ a health worker to check the nutritional needs for pregnant women and the elderly, and provide saplings and seeds to cultivate for food.

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