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KLA Foundation Advances Social Equity

Oct 7, 2021 2 min read

In June 2020, KLA Foundation committed $1 million to initiatives to help drive systemic change in the Metro Detroit and South Bay/Silicon Valley areas. This investment supported more than ten local and national organizations that provide education, community enrichment, and health and wellness services.

These nonprofits used the money to support their efforts to create social equity and advance social justice. Among some of the nonprofit organizations funded were Out in Tech, California Black Women’s Health Project, College Track, Facing History and Ourselves, Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

“Thanks for your support! It’s been a true joy to partner more deeply this year. We feel a stronger sense of connection to KLA and its employees, and we’re grateful to you for facilitating that.”

Out in Tech, a non-profit that works to empower the LGBTQIA+ tech community

The KLA Foundation strategically partnered with organizations that know their communities best to help bridge access gaps to essential resources, advance racial justice, fund communities and support groups, and invest in curriculum development and teacher training.

“We’re thrilled to report that, thanks to this grant from KLA, we have been able to establish a foothold in Southeast Michigan, including Wayne County and the city of Detroit. We have increased the number of Southeast Michigan educators in our network from 1,725 on July 1, 2020 to 1,942 today. In Detroit alone, we have increased the number from 219 to 274 today.“

 – Facing History and Ourselves, a nonprofit that uses lessons of history to challenge teachers and their students to stand up to bigotry and hate.

We are proud to share some of the impact data collected from our 2020 social justice partners.

To learn more about the progress we’ve made in our environmental, social and governance efforts, read our Global Impact Report or visit our ESG webpage.

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