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Employees Pitch in for KLA Foundation Global Volunteer Week

Nov 12, 2023 2 min read

KLA employees in India, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea rolled up their sleeves to support children and the environment during the company’s first annual KLA Foundation Global Volunteer Week. They were among almost 1,000 employees volunteering for 25 organized events at 13 KLA sites in Asia, Europe and North America. (To learn what employees did in the U.S., China, Singapore and Wales, click here.)

KLA India

Chennai employees made an impact themed around education, environment and humanitarianism prior to the South Asian festival Diwali, which celebrates giving and kindness.

‘Pure Joy’ during Classroom Visit

Above, employees in Chennai engage with underserved students through storytelling, games and captivating science videos to enhance their educational experience.

“Being part of the kids’ world through storytelling and playtime was a fulfilling experience. The genuine enthusiasm and pure joy on their faces as we embarked on this journey of learning and play were simply priceless.”

Arul Kitnan, solutions quality engineering manager

Working for a Cleaner World

Removing weeds and contributing to a cleaner environment was not just a one-time act – it was a source of inspiration for me to continue this attitude in my daily life. The sense of fulfillment I derived from this activity was profound.”

Joel Xaviour, associate software engineer
Twenty-five employees removed weeds from an urban forest with more than 200 rare indigenous trees.

 KLA Korea: Spending Time with Orphaned Children

Twelve employees volunteered to take 14 children from a local orphanage to an aquarium.

KLA Japan: Employees Engage with Kids at STEM Workshop

Employees in Yokohama, Japan engaged with local youth at a semiconductor workshop.

The 15 KLA employees worked with a local nonprofit to organize the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) event for children between the ages of 9 and 12 years old.

“We enjoyed our time with the kids who learned about semiconductor devices and looked at wafers and integrated circuits through microscopes. The children were so excited with their STEM experience, and I believe the employees who volunteered made a good impact on them.”

Minako Iwasa, Export Control, KLA Japan

KLA Taiwan: Employees Volunteer to Paint School Walls

Employees in Hsinchu, Taiwan spent part of KLA Foundation’s Global Volunteer Week supporting an elementary school baseball team’s education by painting walls and engaging with the underserved rural kids during training sessions. The 16 KLA employees volunteered through the BaseGarden Foundation, which supports education for children pursuing a possible career in professional baseball. The activity serves as a bridge connecting KLA with local communities.

“It’s inspiring to meet the dedicated young baseball players who are striving to achieve their dreams of becoming national league baseball players.”

Ryan Yeh, service director, KLA Taiwan

Read about employee activities at other KLA locations later this week.

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