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Inclusion for All: Global Perspective with High-Technology Know-How

Oct 20, 2022 3 min read

Jack (Tsung-Wei) Chou has worked and lived on two continents, speaks multiple languages and is learning more – bringing a seasoned global perspective on top of his high-technology expertise to a job that requires him to engage with KLA’s customers around the world.

Born and raised in Taiwan, Jack first joined KLA Taiwan in 2016 but left a year later to pursue a Ph.D in Belgium – and then decided to rejoin KLA in Leuven. Although his university studies focused primarily on material science, his work at KLA has shifted to other technology areas such as optics, physics and mechanical engineering.

“I’ve really deepened my technical knowledge and ability to work easily across multiple cultures, and that’s something I appreciate even more about KLA since rejoining the company. I’m exposed to a wide array of hardware, software and technology disciplines within our multidisciplinary environment, which is uncommon and very rewarding.”

Jack Chou, application engineer, Leuven, Belgium

Focusing on Evolving Customer Solutions

Thanks to Jack’s breadth of technology expertise and ability to speak Chinese, English, German and Dutch, he works comfortably in his role as a liaison with global customers. In his role as an application engineer, Jack works with various internal teams and customers to optimize their products and solve challenges. One key focus for Jack is KLA’s component inspection systems for backend packaging of semiconductor products, and he has recently taken on a metrology product line called Zeta™-5xx/6xx.

“It’s exciting because packaging is becoming more important to the semiconductor industry, and we’re working on new advanced packaging solutions and promoting them to customers,” he says. “This involves close collaboration with customers and working with our internal research and development organization to think about the big picture and what might be possible in five to 10 years that will benefit the industry.”

Inclusive Environment

Jack says he works in an environment of trust and empowerment. He values the company’s focus on fostering an inclusive culture for people of all backgrounds and points of view. Jack says KLA’s working environment helps him to succeed, thrive and grow.

“I came to KLA through recommendations by friends who highlighted the importance the company places on inclusion and diversity, and I always feel comfortable being myself and able to speak up,” he says. “Now I refer friends and help recruit others to join the company.”

Jack values the culture in his native Taiwan and growing up there, but now enjoys living in Europe and learning about its history and the diversity of people and cultures.

“It’s such a fascinating continent,” he observes. “During grad school, I lived in Germany for one year and loved it. I especially appreciate the European philosophy on work-life balance and the importance people place on family. Wherever I’ve visited while working or on holiday, I’ve valued the opportunities to learn from the unique perspectives of people I’ve met and how they’ve influenced me.”

Helping to Advance Humanity

Jack embraces KLA’s vision of advancing humanity and commitment to its environmental goals and making a meaningful impact on our world. Working for KLA in Belgium, he has been influenced by the importance of being environmentally sustainable and is more aware of his environmental impact and actions he can take to take care of our planet and people.

“I’m so proud to work for a company that believes in the power of technology to make our world a smarter, brighter place for the benefit of humanity,” he says.

A Passion to Keep Learning

When Jack isn’t working, he spends time with his wife of three years, Sannie, and dog, Finn, and travels and plays sports, particularly basketball. He’s also learning to speak Japanese, which is handy because Japanese food is his favorite.

Enjoying a family trip to Venice.

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