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Forbes HR Council Post: Is Your ESG Program Reflective of Your Company’s Values?

Mar 22, 2022 1 min read

In a recently published Forbes HR Council article, Sandra Mahadwar, chief inclusion and diversity officer and senior vice president of talent management at KLA, discusses the importance of ensuring a company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies are reflective of the company’s core values, and how integral these initiatives are to attracting and retaining talent. She adds that as part of attracting high-quality candidates, an ESG program shouldn’t be an afterthought; rather, it must be an extension of the brand and one with which employees want to engage.

“For a company to have a successful and empowered workforce, its employees must buy into, believe and engage with the foundational values of the company, which requires their employer to give them the opportunity to do so.”

Ms. Mahadwar notes that a key building block to an effective ESG program is that it’s rooted in driving impact and doing the right thing. You can read the full article originally published on below.

At KLA, our ESG activities are an integral part of our mission to advance humanity through devices and ideas that transform our future and shape our world. Learn more about KLA’s ESG strategy and journey in our Global Impact Report.

If you’re interested in advancing humanity with us, browse the KLA careers page to see the opportunities ahead for you.

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