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Focus on the Fab: Harpreet Singh’s Journey in KLA Services

Aug 31, 2023 3 min read

In the fast-paced world of customer support, when timely assistance and technical expertise are paramount, Harpreet Singh has consistently exceeded expectations as his team of specialists in KLA’s Product Support Organization (PSO) supports semiconductor manufacturers.

When highly complex equipment issues arise at customer manufacturing facilities, KLA customer service engineers (CSEs) can activate the broader KLA knowledge network and connect to a team of technical support engineers (TSEs) led by Harpreet who work to resume operations quickly and effectively. These technical support employees become the focal point for supporting CSEs when issues become complex.

“It’s my job to understand complicated challenges impacting customer operations and marshal the resources to tackle challenges head-on with a sense of urgency that customers expect.”

Harpreet Singh, senior technical support manager, KLA

For example, when a customer in Asia recently reported a complex tool issue, Harpreet and his team in the United States swiftly formulated an action plan and engaged the TSEs and CSEs for that customer region. Despite the geographical distance, they were able to quickly bring the tool back online at the specified performance levels.

“That kind of response was remarkably efficient and illustrates how quick thinking and domain expertise can benefit customers,” says, Steve Jeon, director, Product Support, KLA. “It’s a great example of the depth and commitment that has made Harpreet an invaluable asset.”

His efforts on behalf of customers using KLA equipment have not gone unnoticed.

“Harpreet is responsible for managing teams of TSEs, so he’s not necessarily close to the tools every day,” says Mike Trojillo, CSE for KLA in Arizona. “But he has an extensive knowledge of the tools and can quickly narrow things down to a few potential issues – and he always responds quickly to calls and emails, making the job of getting customer equipment back into production much sooner.” 

Beyond his technical knowledge, Steve adds, Harpreet brings confidence and credibility to his role through concise, data-driven analysis. He has a deep understanding of fab operations and sophisticated ability to articulate a tool situation both to customers and internal KLA resources – always sharply focused on delivering insightful recommendations.

“During an escalation, our technical support team comes into potentially high-stress situations where a customer needs resolution quickly – but even during the most challenging times, they remain composed, capable and flexible as we consider multiple support plans and alternative options to keep a manufacturer’s operations running.”

Harpreet Singh

Harpreet, who earned two master’s degrees in engineering and IT, previously worked in technical support and was a test engineer before joining KLA in 2006 in manufacturing for the Broadband Plasma – or BBP – division. He transitioned to the tech support team in 2011, setting the stage for eventual advancement to senior technical support manager.

“Through a combination of deep industry experience and effective leadership, Harpreet and his team make informed decisions when resolving escalated issues,” Steve adds. “Together with his team, Harpreet exemplifies KLA’s core value of being indispensable to customers.”

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