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Employee Community Comes Together for “Zoomwali”

Dec 21, 2020 2 min read

Before we begin our end-of-year celebrations, we’re looking back at a recent, online, seasonal gathering produced and hosted by KLA employees. Through Zoom, we were able to make KLA’s Diwali celebration truly global this year! We hosted two events, each with a slightly different flavor.

The first event featured info on the meaning behind Diwali and how people typically celebrate. Employees from around the world contributed to a video wishing everyone a happy Diwali in their own regional languages, and we enjoyed performances by seven different music and dance groups made up of our very own KLA employees in the US! They ranged from flute playing, to a dance medley, to a DJ dance mix. We then handed it over to KLA Singapore, who shared videos of what Diwali looks like in Singapore, how our employees there celebrated and a dance performance recorded by KLA Singapore employees. From there, we went to KLA India, where we saw a highlight reel from the virtual celebration they hosted independently, including three of their employee’s musical performances as well as a dance from a mother-daughter duo. What a way to work from home!

For our second event, we hosted Chef Nistha Trehun, live from Berlin. She provided a cooking demo on how to make turmeric lattes, a saffron dessert and fried potatoes. She also showed us how to make a spice jar, which could make a great gift for the holidays.

While we couldn’t celebrate in the same way as we have in years past, we still found ways to make the holiday special, and even used the online format as an opportunity to connect closer with our coworkers around the world! KLA is proud of the diversity we have fostered through the common goal of human advancement through technology, and happy to see our global community coming together to share their joy with one another.

Learn more about our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

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