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Sustainably Speeding Up Solder Mask Processing: Meet Orbotech Neos™ 800

Jul 27, 2021 2 min read

Our goal has always been to save customers time and money while pioneering ways to save the planet in the process. Recently, Orbotech, a KLA company, shared news on how the Orbotech Neos™ 800 is helping its customers apply solder masks to printed circuit boards more sustainably and at a lower cost.

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability has become increasingly important to KLA and its customers. As a result, KLA’s technology is developed to lead in performance and resource utilization. The Orbotech Neos 800 requires less labor, power consumption and consumable materials, making essential processes more efficient for customers. Its enhanced utilization of ink helps protect our environment with its zero-waste, closed-loop process. These innovations remove any need for waste treatment, which can also complicate the printing process.

Case Study

TTM Technologies, a global manufacturer of printed circuit boards and radio frequency components and assemblies, selected Orbotech Neos 800 for their Stafford, Connecticut site after rigorous testing and qualification checks. Following purchase and installation, the global manufacturer was able to cut their solder mask sequence in half, reduce chemical waste and speed up their manufacturing process. TTM’s global PCB customers include leaders in aerospace, defense, automotive, computing and medical.

“The Orbotech Neos enables us to increase our productivity in a smaller footprint on the factory floor while providing high-quality products to our customers.”

Phil Titterton, chief operating officer at TTM Technologies

“We are very excited to have brought this groundbreaking, environmentally-friendly technology in-house,” said Phil Titterton, chief operating officer at TTM Technologies, in a joint press release with Orbotech. “Additive printing of solder mask is a significant improvement for us, as it eliminates process steps compared to the way we typically apply solder mask. This high-speed solution is 100% additive with no mess, less power, fewer chemicals, and substantial material savings.”

About Orbotech Neos 800

The Orbotech Neos 800 combines several solder mask processing steps into a single multi-functional system, eliminating numerous manufacturing stages such as coating, tack-drying, exposure and developing. This shorter, more sustainable process increases productivity and ensures consistent, high-quality printing that is critical to high volume manufacturing.

“The Orbotech Neos 800 is another example of a disruptive technology coming to market from Orbotech, validating our innovative approach to manufacturing,” said Yair Alcobi, president of the PCB division at Orbotech. “In the short time since it has been available, this technology has gained traction with customers. We’re hearing from them that as the demand for advanced PCBs rises, shorter time to market and increased productivity with less waste and energy are the main drivers in their decisions to bring the Orbotech Neos on board.”

For more information on our eco-friendly advancements in PCB manufacturing, visit Orbotech’s PCB division website.

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