University and Industry Research

Material science, chemistry, physics and engineering are critical disciplines required in the electronics ecosystem we serve. Universities and industry researchers investigate and study complex technical challenges to advance knowledge through the development of scientific theories, concepts and ideas. At KLA, we develop, manufacture and support specialized instruments in the pursuit of knowledge and exploratory discovery in university research and development environments.

MicroSense® EasyVSM™

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer System

MicroSense® EasyVSM™ vibrating sample magnetometer systems measure the magnetic moment and coercivity of thin films and the magnetic properties of liquids, powders and bulk samples. High sensitivity and exceptional low and high field performance are ideal for the characterization of many types of magnetic materials, including thin films, solids, liquids, powders, rocks and more. Ease of use, speed, versatility, expandability and optional automatic sample loading make this the system of choice for magnetic research labs as well as production facilities for unattended 24x7 operations.

KLA Instruments™

KLA Instruments™ supports academic research and other innovators by delivering trusted measurements. The KLA Instruments portfolio includes:

  • Nanoindenters
  • Thin-film reflectometers
  • Sheet-resistance tools
  • Optical and stylus profilers
  • Defect inspection and metrology systems
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