Dr. Marco Sebastiani: The pillar splitting method for fracture toughness measurement at the micron scale

Jun 29, 2020

The analysis of deformation and failure mechanisms in small-scale devices and thin films is a critical issue, not yet solved. In this presentation, we describe recent advances and developments for the measurement of fracture toughness at small scales by the use of nanoindentation-based methods, including beam-bending methods and micro-pillar splitting. A critical comparison of the techniques is made, by testing a selected group of bulk and thin film materials. Additionally, the extension of the pillar splitting method to the use with different sharp indenters (from Berkovich to cube-corner) and its use for high-temperature and controlled environments testing are discussed. Finally, a couple of relevant case studies are presented, including Li-ion battery composites and thermal barrier coatings, in order to demonstrate that fast and reliable industrial application for such methods is possible.

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