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ZDot™ 3D step height

Discover the difference in your surface topography with our ZDot™ measurement technique: Produce True Color and 3D topography data in a single scan! Contact KLA for a demonstration of the Zeta-20 optical profilometer to see how it can meet your 3D surface profiler requirements.


  • Use the proprietary ZDot™ measurement technique on the Zeta-20 for fast, non-contact 3D surface topography measurements.
  • Do you have difficulty focusing on a transparent surface with your confocal optical profiler? Anybody can find focus on any surface with ease using ZDot™ focus assist.
  • The capability of the KLA Zeta-20 is expanded with multi-mode optics adding interferometry, film thickness measurements, and automated defect inspection to the existing 3D, non-contact profilometer.
  • The Zeta-20 is a versatile surface roughness measurement tool. Measure smooth surfaces using the interferometry capability and very rough surfaces using ZDot™ measurement technique.
  • Measure a wide range of step heights, from small steps requiring fast, high resolution scans to deep, high aspect ratio trenches and vias.

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  • Fast, non-contact, 3D optical profiler with ZDot™ technology.
  • The KLA Zeta-20 measures step heights from nanometers to millimeters, plus transparent film thickness measurements.
  • With multi-mode optics, the Zeta-20 provides the 3D surface roughness measurement of smooth (sub-nanometer) and rough (hundreds of microns) surfaces.
  • The Zeta-series optical profilers support R&D and production environments. Choose from the manual sample load of either the Zeta-20 and Zeta-300 or the fully automated wafer handling capability of the Zeta-388.
  • Not finding what you are looking for? KLA offers a range of stylus and optical profilometers supporting step height and surface roughness measurements. Let our product experts help you find the right tool for your metrology requirements.
Product image of the Zeta-20