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Zeta-20 can meet your interferometry needs!

Graphene atomic steps by
shearing interferometry

Step height and
roughness by PSI

KLA provides multiple solutions for your interferometry applications. Schedule a demonstration today to learn how the Zeta-20 solves your 3D surface topography measurement needs.


  • White light interferometer (WLI) for high resolution step height and roughness measurements over a large field of view using Michaelson and Mirau objectives.
  • Phase shifting interferometer (PSI) for fast measurements with Angstrom level sensitivity.
  • Vertical scanning interferometry (VSI), also known as coherence scanning interferometry (CSI), for high resolution measurements for samples with large step heights.
  • Shearing interferometer using Nomarski for enhanced feature contrast.
  • The Zeta-20 functions as more than just a phase shifting and vertical scanning interferometer. With multi-mode optics and proprietary ZDot™ measurement technique, use the Zeta-20 for measurements of 3D surface topography, true color imaging, film thickness measurements, and automated defect inspection.

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Zeta 20 Landing
Data Transfer

  • Phase shifting, vertical scanning and shearing interferometry measurement modes are available on the KLA Zeta-20.
  • The KLA white light interferometer provides fast, high resolution 3D measurements on step heights from nanometers to millimeters.
  • The Zeta-20 supports Michaelson and Mirau interferometer objectives for fast, high resolution surface topography applications in semiconductor, compound semiconductor and related industries.
  • The Zeta-series optical profilers with white light interferometry support both R&D and production environments. Choose from the manual sample load of either the Zeta-20 and Zeta-300 or the fully automated wafer handling capability of the Zeta-388.
  • Not finding what you are looking for? KLA offers a range of optical and stylus profilometers. Let our product experts help you find the right tool for your measurement requirements.
Product image of the Zeta-20