Windows 10 Upgrade
for the Nano Indenter® G200 System

Higher Performance | Virus Protection | Data Integrity | Advanced Capability

The Windows 10 upgrade extends the life and serviceability of your existing Nano Indenter® G200 tool, and adds new features and capabilities. The high performance hardware of the tool combined with the new NanoSuite 7.0 control software maintains your data and test methods, while continuing to remain compatible with your current options and licenses. The upgrade also includes Analyst data reporting software and TeamViewer remote support software, which enable KLA support engineers to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues, regardless of your location.

Win 10 Upgrade Hardware Components:

  • High resolution 4.92MP microscope camera
  • Industrial rack-mounted, low-noise PC with keyboard and mouse
  • High performance motion control boards
  • Updated peripheral device ports

Win 10 Upgrade Software Components:

  • NanoSuite 7.0 Control Software
  • Win 10 64-bit Professional
  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • TeamViewer software for remote support
  • Analyst software for data reporting
Zeta 20 Landing
Data Transfer

Considering additional capability?

The G200 Windows 10 Upgrade is compatible with all G200 modular option upgrades:

  • XP Indenter Head (500mN max load)
  • DCM II Indenter Head (30mN max load)
  • Continuous Stiffness Measurement (CSM)
  • High Load (10N max) Option
  • 350°C Sample Stage
  • Lateral Force Measurement (LFM)
  • NanoVision
  • Survey Scanning
  • Express Test
  • Berkovich, Cube-corner, Flat Punch Indenter Tips (XP or DCM II)
Product image of the Nano Indenter G200X

15% Discount on modular options when purchased with the Windows 10 Upgrade!